bomber harris

One a Dresden based Pirate Party member.



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  1. ahhh

    The same Femen formed and run by a man? A man who chooses “activists” on how pretty they are and if they sleep with him? Oh, that Femen. I was confused for a while there.

  2. Aidan

    Stunts. That’s all they do. I’m guessing the “Thank you Bomber Harris” comrade is the one from Dresden.

  3. ldev

    ffs. dresden was full of innocent civilians with the nazi army personnel having long been spread all over the place

  4. Yours Truly

    There’s a lot of big media players right now in their so-called global revolutionary scene, femen, pussy riot, assange, anonymous, we are change etc, and I personally think that we spend too much time taking notice of the fucking no marks,

    In Revolution Always.


      It’s worse than that, Eminen, the band Korn, Ice Cube and Anonymous are calling for a day of ‘global awakening’ -with a ‘radical’ song and video to go with it…all OK’d by their respective multinational record companies of-course-

      The thing about Dresden in Germany is that the extreme right and Neo-nazis there (and beyond) have made it a ’cause-celebre’ of national victimhood and even equate it to the Holocaust, describing it as ‘genocidal’- so the far Left in Germany sits on the other side of the fence, and fundamentally justifies the strategic bombing of German cities to end the evil of Nazism (including the collaboration of ordinary people through their passivity, and their mass deaths as a product of Goebbel’s ‘Total War’). I guess Femen is working along the same ideological lines, but since they are Ukrainian, and given the rise of fascism there, it makes some sense…

      • b

        The holocaust, or the mass murder of prisoners whom the Nazis categorised as Jewish, shouldn’t be the issue with Dresden – except insofar as both were massacres of large numbers of innocent people.

        If today’s Nazis are saying ‘Dresden massacre bad’ and some of the left, including some of the ultraleft, are saying ‘Dresden massacre good’, then it’s the Nazis who are right and the left who are wrong.

        Terrible that is, really fucking terrible, but if that’s the position we’re in, let’s recognise it.

        Similarly the influx of East European immigrants to Britain willing to work for much lower wages than British workers is a real issue, and if the BNP say it’s a real issue while Margaret Hodge, protector of paedophiles, says that ‘white working class’ scumsuckers would say that, because they’re all racist scum, then the terrible truth is that the BNP are telling the truth and Hodge is talking shit.

        (It also sheds light on why the IWW in its heyday was the greatest organisation in the history of the world working class, but I digress.)

        To change some of this, it must be recognised first.

      • INCUBUS

        Sorry’b’- but no, the Neo-Nazis are NOT RIGHT. It’s all about the fucking context, they conveniently sweep the historical fact of the bombings of Guernica, Belgrade, London, Coventry, Warsaw and Rotterdam under the historical rug and then plead innocence in their effort to rehabilitate Nationalist Pride. Anarchists and Leftists should say the bombings of Dresden, Hamburg, Emms and other cities were indeed criminal acts of war perpetrated by one set of capitalist states against another who were vying for imperialist control of the planet.

        And as for ‘innocence’- that has been an ongoing debate since Rudi Deutsche was shot. The silence and complicity of the ‘grandfather generation’ in Germany is still a really fucking raw one, and best left to the German people to figure out, there’s way too much collective cultural shit knocking about for us to have any input. There is however a disurbing trend in relativising and revising historical facts, that anarchists and leftists in Germany need to be supported on- most recently the film ‘Downfall’ and the hit TV series ‘Generation War’ which is almost entirely devoid of any active nazi characters despite 1/7 germans supporting Hitler, and then the so-called ‘genocide’ against Germans in the Occupied Eastern territories who had behaved like British Rajas and participated in the Holocaust…

  5. Anarchist Swampland

    Well said Idev. Anti-fascism is for idiots.

    • ldev

      speak for yourself swamp- the reality is that innocent people were murdered in dresden, nothing to do with fascists. i initially supported femen but they are now nothing more than clowns with an intellect of the average EDL village idiot

  6. ccw

    bomber harris = psycho 1 !!


      We live in a sea of psychos- read Sven Lindqvist’s ‘A History of Bombing’- Churchill, Goering, Bomber Harris, Curtis Le May and Barack ‘Drone’Obama- oh and the french who pioneered murder from the air in Morocco before WW1.

  7. Anarchist Swampland

    Workers’ were killed in Dresden using anti-fascist ideology. Anti-fascism always puts you behind one section of the ruling class. How did you support femen Idev?

  8. Anonymous

    Aren’t they being ironic? No sane person would welcome the saturation bombing of a large number of civilians.

  9. 29past1984

    Dont let the deaths of countless ordinary people get in the way of your politics

    The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.

    Fucking nasty mugs.the lot of ’em both left and right.

    • Anonymous

      THERE IS NO LEFT OR RIGHT. and them still subscribing to that are backward. its about right or wrong. RESOURCE BASED ECONOMY FROM NATURAL LAW-ZEITGEIST MOVEMENT. everything lenin, marx engills wrote is centuries out of date

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