My family connections to Glenbuck and the GLENBUCK CHERRYPICKERS I’ve mentioned here many times but now I can add something more active than the b/w photos. One man ROBER GILLAN has had the vision to use the history of the Cherrypickers to motivate local youngsters to play football.


By his single minded energy Robert has set up a coaching programme and discovered the long lost Ayrshire Cup -once held aloft by my grandad -in a broom cupboard in Saltcoats. He has set up the Glenbuck football Academy which you can see here:

I’ve rashly offered to give some practical fundraising help to Robert by suggesting a game between a LIVERPOOL OLD BOYS and SCOTLAND OLD BOYS – you know Dalglish swapping sides at half time. Needless to say I have no contacts with any old boys who might be up for it. DOES ANYONE OUT THERE HAVE ANY FOOTIE CONTACTS THAT MIGHT BE USEFUL. A bloody good cause. I’ve e-mailed Fergie to see if he’ll manage the Scots team and I’ve heard JOHN DEMPSEY of Mansfield Town might be u p for it. HELP!


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