Had a strange e-mail request from some researcher/stooge/whatever asking what Class War’s defence policy would be if we formed the next government!

I was always struck by the Danish politician some years back who promised to abolish the Danish armed forces and install an answering machine at the former Ministry of Defence saying ‘we surrender’. I think he got about 20% of the vote.

save a few bob on Trident……………



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8 responses to “CLASS WAR DEFENCE POLICY ?

  1. Colin West

    An active citizenrty, used to organising themselves, controlling their own resources and challenging illegitimate authority, would make deeply unattractive imperial subjects. They’s also be used to organising themselves and bravely acting against tyranny.
    Not sure though that such a state-centric programme currently being put forward by CW at the moment though, encourages workers autonomy.

  2. Geoff

    I’d say an active armed citizenry, though i know most anarchists seem to hate the idea of people having access to weapons to defend themselves.


    Why, workers militias of-course, (federated through a system of horizontal, international, proletarian alliances with all others around the world), until the need for them vanishes along with the war-mongering bourgeois class enemy and the organised violence of their social, military and police apparatus.The psychotic wankers.

  4. Paul Jennings

    What we will be needing: lifeboats and coastguard; a couple of fast frigates to keep Iceland honest; the Battle of Britain flight for important holidays; air ambulances and mountain rescue…………. oh and a selection of Sealed Knot and other re-enactment societies to dress up for public displays.
    Voila – defence policy!
    That and a free armed citizenry with access to voluntary militia training.

  5. Aidan

    No. We need to keep a few submarines loaded with nukes so they can take out Washington, Moscow and Beijing should they try to meddle with the revolution. Unless it’s global revolution of course.

  6. Ruahri

    Arm the poor…simples.

  7. Bedroom Tax Dodger

    What bizarre suggestions from supposed class warriors … Surely the defence policy is that all public school officers should be purged and all other officers (if there are any left) should then have to be elected by the lower ranks (that was Cromwell’s defence policy, and his soldiers then purged all the toffs out of Parliament too).

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