I bought my Croydon v Alton Town match programme at the turnstile at the Croydon Arena yesterday. At this level the programme is usually 8 pages of glossy pre-printed outside pages adverts with 12 page duplicated insert with all the info on it. At the ARENA yesterday there were about 20 Trams supporters and about 15 Brewers fans. So max programme sale would be 35 but more likely under a dozen. So not a vast audience for the editor – yet my hats off to the Croydon editor yesterday. He wrote an informative and amusing piece on the home team’s opponents:

‘More recent supporters may not be aware but our clubs paths have crossed before way back in 1968 in the first round of the FA Amateur Cup. I recall the visit to Hampshire was on a freezing cold December afternoon. It was touch and go whether the tie could be played. What stands out even more in the memory and has made it into our club history is that they did not allow youngsters into their clubhouse and I had to sit in the stand freezing my nuts off for over an hour after the game until the players came out and we were able to board the coach. Stupidity at its best.
Anyway onto more relevant matters now that I’ve got that off my chest after 45 years’

Gold Dust – I’m going to buy Simon Hawkins a pint.


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  1. Rob John

    Hats off to your Ian sticking with your local club! But come on all those formative years in Swansea join the Jack Army as we enjoy the best period in our history! I know you love lost causes but Alton surely that is a lost cause extreme by your criteria!

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