A strange day in this blog post from 2007. What might I have done I’m thinking 7 years later.

Some old friends from The Scarman Trust South West asked me if I’d like to speak at a conference on community action they were holding at Central Hall Westminster today. Seeing DAVID BLUNKETT’S name as another speaker I readily agreed and mugged up on Blunkett’s commercial interests – columns in the SUN and DAILY MAIL earning him £200,000 a year for example. Blunkett with two police bodyguards entered the hall just as I was launching in to him. I finished by asking the audience to ask Blunkett a question when he finished speaking ‘ Why are you such a fucking greedy bastard?’

Words like lead balloon spring to mind – there was a deathly hush till Blunkett’s bodyguards grabbed me and said they were nicking me under the Public Order Act for uttering the suggested question!! After some argy bargy several members of the audience – cheers Lawrence Hoo and others from Bristol- gathered round and the cops decided I should just be ejected from the building. One of the cops shoved my coat at me and I headed for Westminster underground. Feeling for my Freedom Pass I found some tapes in the pocket – which were not mine and a Sheffield Freedom Pass.I’d only been given Blunkett’s crombie – very like mine -and was swanning round Parliament square in the former Home secretary’s fucking coat!!! What to do?

Some friends sneaked back and swapped the coats over – I didn’t want Blunkett swanning around on my pass – or the inevitable knock at the door which would have followed. Strange old day. Later reports from inside suggest his security staff were going frantically mental checking his mobile phone



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  1. Greg

    Brilliant story. As an aside, an elected so called socialist politician with minders, bodyguards, and earning vast sums writing for those racist sexist shitrags is fucking obscene. Some people say blindcunt only got where he did coz of disabled and ethnic ‘quotas’ like dianne abbott. I wouldnt go that far though.


    ‘Why are you such a fucking greedy bastard?’-This is the sort of exemplary question I expect all CW candidates to be asking their opponents throughout the campaign- refreshingly honest, direct and to the fucking point, cutting through the waffle and evasions we all have to put up with from the Oxbridge Debating Society, sorry, the Houses of Parliament…

  3. Ian I remember the day well. When you spoke you could hear a pin drop and the looks on the peoples faces, priceless. It is one of the most honest and funniest moments I have witnessed. Free speach at its best. To say they didn’t know what to do is a complete understatement. Flummoxed, yes completely flummoxed. R.I.P. Bob Crow

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