March 14, 2014 · 10:34 am



    I always thought Wedgewood Benn was the Labour Party’s token leftist mascot- I respected his sharp intellect in his criticism of capital (probably a product of the public school system), but not his ethics- the development of Britains nuclear energy programme, trading with Apartheid, supportin the colonial use of troops to suppress working class catholics in the North of Ireland and the introduction of the Prevention of Terrorism Act [PTA]- including internment among other vile injustices. He might of traded his silver spoon for a Marxist pipe, but the fact that he supported the Clydeside shipbuilders work-in doesn’t detract from the reality that he was in essence, a ‘useful idiot’ for his class, and like the rest of them, had no true conception of the real, everyday, life of OUR class.

  2. Keith

    Much as expected the press bios has Benn being from a radical background (dad crossing from the Libs to macDonald’s Labour Party & being Minister for india in the National Gov – then sending young Anthony to Westminster – that’s radical) & being a leftie rabble rouser turned national treasure. Well his legacy needs to be buried & the treasure map burned. No more excuses for reformist politicos.

  3. So, farewell Tony Benn,
    wild eyed scion of socialist stuff,
    that was not really a pipe,
    it was surreal
    like lobster telephones,
    and soggy clocks.
    My mate Terry always
    mistook you for Dennis Skinner,
    but you were thinner on top.
    Anyway, he won’t make the same
    Mistake again
    I hope.

  4. Keith

    mr benn left his house at 52 Festive Road & was led into the changing room by the shopkeeper, who wore a fez. In the changing room Mr Benn magically was now dressed as a working man with a shiny new hard hat. In a lovely land beyond he played with numerous working types & was handed a blue striped pint mug of tea with a cip at the top – “Just like a real working man”. On his way home from the shop Mr Benn passed some children playing catch with some severed heads. “Are they the heads of landed gentry?” Mr Benn asked. “No Mister”, replied one little cockney sparrow. “They ran out long ago – we’re still using Eton Rules though. Clearly time had passed from when Mr Benn first entered the dressing room.

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