The last time the UK government ‘did a Crimea’ and annexed a territory was Rockall IN 1955.In the event of a YES vote in Scotland who will have sovereignty over Rockall. Can’t exactly have a referendum.



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5 responses to “THE ROCKALL QUESTION

  1. Anonymous

    Rockall is legally part of Scotland, the Isle of Harris in particular.

    • islands for the islanders

      Shetland! In a brilliant anarcho windup (or is it?), islanders in Shetland, Orkney and the West ern Isles “could be asked to vote in a second referendum in September”.

      A petition at the Scottish Parliament calls for referenda in all three island groups, to be held ONE WEEK after the Scotish referendum. Islanders would be asked to choose between

      1) do you want your island group to become independent?
      2) do you want your island group to stay in Scotland?

      If the Scottish result was “yes”, they will also get a third option:

      3) do you want your island group to leave Scotland and stay in the remainder of the UK?

      Hundreds of people have already signed the petition. Anybody can sign. The more signatures, the more likely there will be referenda on the islands. Sign here:

  2. Anonymous

    Acknowkedge it’s Irish Check out the Wolfe Tones song and Irish mythology

  3. afc1903/bmg1900

    islands for the islanders…….you better get booking your ferry ticket to newcastle or bergen then not aberdeen!!! ps your petition stinks of britstate divide and rule, shetland may go, but orkney and most definitely the western isles will remain part of mother scotland.

    • MI6 psy-ops

      So Scottish independence isn’t divide and rule? Allnationalism is divide and rule.

      I have a dream…petrol at the equivalent of 10p a litre in oil-rich Shetland but 20 times more expensive in Orkney.

      But what about the Fair Isle?

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