As my contribution towards the commemoration of WW1 here is SKY PILOT by ERIC BURDON and THE ANIMALS recorded in 1968. Banned by the BBC for it’s anti-war lyrics it came as Burdon was at his most political. He was politicised by the Animals Trotskyist road manager in the States and his very hard to find – autobiography I USED TO BE AN ANIMAL BUT I’L ALRIGHT NOW is a good read. Burden bought heavily into the San Francisco hippie scene and his SAN FRANCISCAN NIGHTS has some classic lines penned by Burden……..’cop’s face is full of hate..heavens above he’s on a street called love’. Tops.



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4 responses to “SKY PILOT ERIC BURDON

  1. Joe Mooney

    There’s synchronicity for ya – only listening to this last night in Dublin with an old roadie from the UK who was thrilled to hear it again ! Great minds … and all that !

    Check out this , a great psychedelic band , I was really surprised by content of this –

  2. Aidan

    That Zombies track is really powerful.

  3. “Sky Pilot” is just a fraction of the canon of great ant-(Vietnam)War songs such as “Hangin’ on the Barbed Wire Fence”, “Wichita Linesman”, “Ruby, Don’t take your love to town”, “Last Train to Clarksville”, “Masters of War”, “Wars or Hands of Time”, “Kill for Peace”, “Eve of Destruction”, “Zor and Zum”,and “War”. There are many others, check them out.

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