While Scotland has it’s RADICAL INDEPENDENCE CAMPAIGN in Wales there is nothing stirring to the left of Labour. In particular there is a complete absence of any form of socialist republicanism which has previously manifested itself in various forms political and cultural. For fuck sake gyfeillion – are you going to supinely watch STEPHEN KINNOCK take ABERAFAN without a fight- even Dik Richardson managed the BRAWL IN PORTHCAWL. The Labour vote in Aberafan is soft – fuelled by the parachuting in of Kinnockio. It’s a proletarian constituency second to none. As a certain Welsh band once said ‘If you tolerate this then Kinnock’s children will be next’. Class War would be happy to stand a joint candidate I’m sure. YMLAEN Y WERIN.



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  1. Anarchist Swampland

    There’s always and still is a left of Labour, the Trot parties. As for Welsh nationalism or any nationalism, the less the better. I thought most anarchists these days were over National Liberation. It’s not a working class based struggle.

  2. If no one else goes for this I’d be happy to change from a Cardiff seat but would prefer that it were a local representative – parachuting an alternative to a parachute doesn’t make much sense to me, but sure could find a way to argue it All the best Richard

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  3. Anonymous

    Welsh Republicans? FFS Ian, you do know what a bunch of nutters most of them are don’t you? There are plenty of anarchists in Wales and Wobblies too why the fuck would you want to have your ear bent by some fruit cake who thinks that everything will be all right if only there was a Socialist Republic of Wales?

  4. Dai Cocoa

    Wales will always be “The Land Of My Father”, very like North Korea but with S4C on the remote. BBC Wales has been run by three generations of the same family!

    So, all praise Kinno Jnr who now gazes poetically over “The Valley” on his new Labour web site. On a clear day you can see The Little Mermaid in the habour.

    Btw, he wasn’t parachuted in, he was “skied in” and showered with rose petals by rejoicing steelworkers who gave three big toots on their ugly lovely blast furnace.

  5. Dai Cocoa

    BTW… Swiss Kinno only just got the selection…

    “The New Statesman’s
    George Eaton has tweeted that the
    result was 106-105 in Kinnock’s

    Be interesting to see if the “loyal members” all turn out to canvas.

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