Hi Ian
I just wanted to let you know that I just made a very short film about Kropotkin for the BBC’s Daily Politics. It should be broadcast on 9 May. We had a nice day of filming. We went to the Freedom Bookshop and to Kropotkin’s house. And in the Freedom Bookshop there was a big picture of Loraine Vivian (right surname?) about to hit a policeman… I think it was during the Poll Tax Riots… Loraine was a flatmate of mine at the time… I think you had a headline “buy this woman a drink”…


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2 responses to “KROPOTKIN FILM ON TELLY MAY 9th

  1. need reminding about this nearer the time – i can’t remember yesterday at my age…

  2. gtr

    Ummm.. am I the only one who thinks publicising someone’s name on the web without their consent is a problem, particularly where there could be a risk of prosecution (but also in general anyway it’s bad practice)??

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