Sensational stuff you might think looking back a few years to the BNP’s rise in Barking….but unremarked on by the Left. How come I’ve not heard about this you’ll be puzzling? Has a far left party really gained two seats in the FORMER BNP stronghold. Yes it is. Arthur Scargill’s Socialist Labour Party has more seats on Dagenham and Barking council than the BNP. No wonder the crafty party leader was in good form at Tony Benn’s funeral – for he already had more councillors in London than TUSC/LU/SP put together. Two Labour councillors had defected to the SLP and four to UKIP!!! So there you have it – a party which hardly exists and is run by a recluse regularly polls ahead of other left groups despite standing only paper candidates. A lesson to be learned there comrades. Let me know what they are?



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  1. Dora Kaplan

    Stay away form ken Loach?

  2. dagmar

    The lesson is that old, useless councillors who have no chance of being re-selected and don’t have any support within their local Labour party, decide not to have a political fight about their supposed prinicples, and instead of bowing out and causing a by-election, in which they could stand as SLP or UKIP or whatever, decide to keep on taking their expenses for a few more years and become entirely unaccountable to anyone apart from themselves and Comrade Scargill who still believes North Korea is a workers’ socialist paradise.

    In short: these councillors are shits. Let em stand for the SLP and see if they win. They’ve done fuck all for their voters in recent years and couldn’t stand the heat. They should resign from the Town Hall kitchen as well as their Labour Ward one.

  3. dagmar

    Local paper the Dagenham Post writes:

    “all of the recent defectors had failed Labour’s two-stage reselection process to stand as candidates for the party in the upcoming May local election.”

  4. Aidan

    I don’t think the SLP has gained any seats – two Labour councillors have defected to the SLP (and four to UKIP). Based on a quick look look one has joined the Tories and another is now an independant – they were all elected as Labour councillors though.

  5. Peter Good

    Once you enter into official political activity you begin to play the very game that needs to be overcome.

    “Burn The Polls Oh Ye Sons And Daughters Of Freedom!”

  6. b

    So fucking sad about the SLP. You had New Labour scum such as Peter Mandelson and Tony Blair holding seats in former mining areas throughout the 1990s. Why the fuck? Was the SLP so unattractive to people? Was it because Mandelson and Blair were on the telly? From a few years after the strike, what was the importance of Scargill’s personal greed and his Stalinoid grip over his pet party? Did they cause people to think New Labour was better<Hopelessness, maybe?

    You've got to admit that there were good people in the Labour Party – working class people who wanted to redistribute wealth away from the bosses and whose most important values included working class community. Why the fuck didn't they get it together in the early 1990s, when the party leadership openly turned Thatcherite? If they didn’t fancy the SLP, why not set up something else?

    None of the leading Labour figures did – not Benn, Galloway, or anyone. Apart from Scargill, whose offering was a crock. I know the answer why, for those bastards. It’s because their existing number was too cushy and when the controllers of opinion decided the new line would be ‘working class stuff is old-fashioned’, well, who were they to disagree? More than their jobs were worth.

    But what happened to the fucking decent people, working class people who understood that history was the history of class struggle, whose reference points were the General Strike, 1945, etc., and who you wouldn’t catch dead in a ditch with a positive word for Thatcher?

    The power of public relations, comrades! 😦

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