In 1983 Sean Mason composed this song for Class warriors to sing at ‘middle class wankers’ on demonstrations. Much has changed culturally since then so I wondered what a contextual analysis might reveal:

Where’s my quiche Lorraine, where’s my quiche Lorraine
la la la la la la la la
Where’s my soup with croutons, where’s my soup with croutons
la la….
where’s my poodle salon, where’s my poodle salon
la la………..
I drink in wine bars, I drink in swine bars
la la la……….
fuck off back to Hampstead, fuck off back to Hampstead
la la la la

So would soup with croutons, poodle salons, quiche Lorraine still qualify as markers of gentrification today comrades



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  1. Geoff

    Dunno mate, i don’t even know what croutons or quiche Lorraine is.

  2. thebristolblogger

    Artisan bread; independent coffee shops; gastro pubs.

    West London’s still relevant though (although you can now add swathes of East and South London too)

  3. Greg

    No, the bread from ‘bread and circuses’ is suffering from overchoice. This is useful to the rich and powerful in dividing working class people in their ‘lifestyle’ haha ..choices. Loads of chances for perceived individualism. 70 types of shoes at £4-£6 in Primark, the battery hen cashiers on minimum wage, creates a new commodity fetishism relationship. But Sean Masons view of 1983 yuppie Hamstead living doesnt seem particularly affluent now, what with all the aspirational stuff you can accumulate. The same, if not worse exploitations between landlord and tenant, employer and employee exist. Its just that now you can have someone with an iphone 5, makes their own pesto, but lives in a damp bedsit on a zero hours contract.


    Not sure about the french egg flan- tesco sells them cheap, it’s all fucking ciabatta bread with sundried tomato and unpronoucable shit sourced from the ends of the earth to satisfy their jaded tastes and prove how trendy and exclusive they are…

  5. Fuck off back to stokes croft, fuck off back to stokes croft ….. la la la la la la

  6. Lev Bronstein

    Soup with croutons and Quiche Lorraine no, everything else yes.

  7. Andy V

    We can all spell quinoa we can all spell quinoa… Shit I just realised I have painted myself into a corner with this chant.

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