While TUSC and LU churn out a dull economism with little reference to the personal in politics CLASS WAR is unexpectedly carving out a niche with libertarian social policies illustrated by shit hot and funny posters.
Compare our website at with the others.

We are the only party with a Reichian analysis. As Wilhelm wrote:

‘We must politicise private life, fairs, dance halls, football matches, cinemas, markets, bedrooms, hostels and supermarkets’

We are on the case.



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    Didn’t Reich also demand the construction of houses of ‘free love’, for the enjoyment of liberated carnal pleasures -as did the Munich Soviet and de Sade? Supplying free condoms, lube, morning after pills etc. Reduce STIs, HIV/AIDS and teenage pregnancies and increase everybody’s well-being- sex education and fornication all rolled into one neat package! Can I humbly suggest this be taken on as a policy?

    • Aidan

      I don’t see the point of houses of free love Incubus – in the 1930s sex outside of marriage was taboo and thankfully that’s not the case now. I do agree that condoms, lube, the morning after pill should be more freely available.

      • INCUBUS

        I fucking do- we still live in an outrageously sexually repressed society- bollocks to marriage- abolish it! If you perchance have the opportunity to go to a sex party, or rather if you hold one, you are at risk of being prosecuted for running ‘a common bawdy-house’- Outrageous!…With a housing shortage, sexually mature young people need places where they can play and fuck- not only cos not everyone likes ‘knee-tremblers’ in alleyways, but just to get away from family pressures even if they are housed, and who can really afford a sterile hotel room, even a crappy Travel Lodge- in some continental countries there are sex-hotels, filled with sexy comforts, a great idea, but they charge by the hour- PAYF!? No, we need free knocking shops for all of the people, young, old, gays, straights, bi’s, TVs, Transgenders, Fetishists, Queers, Questionings and Others!

        If I can’t FUCK it’s not my Revolution!

        If WE can’t FUCK it’s not OUR Revolution!

        For Orgasm Accumulators on every street corner!

  2. Aidan

    As far as sex parties go I think they’re legal –
    “Both police and Sutton Council have investigated goings-on at the house but concluded no laws or regulations are being broken”


      Ah, sorry, I meant a ‘disorderly house’- ‘ (a) there must be some element of keeping an open house; (b) the house must not be regulated by the restraints of morality or must be unchaste or of bad repute; and (c) it must be so conducted as to violate law and good order….The common law offence of keeping a disorderly house remains but its application is likely to be rare and exceptional. It should not be utilized by prosecution authorities where the premises are considered not to be a brothel. ‘

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