April 3, 2014 · 11:53 am

2 responses to “FIRESTARTER

  1. b

    I’m going totally off-topic: they’re going to blow up the Red Road flats in Glasgow for the opening of the Commonwealth Games!! I used to live there.

    Maybe they can hire skyjumpers to depict the refugees who threw
    themselves off the balcony?

    Or stage a special dance of money-lenders to celebrate the end of council
    housing? Perhaps Wonga can send a troupe?

    With the money they grabbed for building the Scottish Parliament, they could have built 10 times as much NEW council accommodation as was ever present in Red Road.

    When they got rid of the slum tenements in Glasgow, in places like the Gorbals, they talked about where people were moving TO, namely schemes and places such as Red Road: real working class people living in real places and moving home.

    Now there’s no such focus at all. They’re ostentatiously blowing up Red Road, but for all the Labourist talk about memories, there’s no talk about where real people have moved to. The people are just seen as beneath contempt. Dirty proletarian scumsuckers of the past. Get a mortgage or die.

    What types of home have people moved to? How were they moved out of Red Road? What do they think of it all? Do they think they’re better off now?


    (The flats’) demolition will all but mark the end of high-rise living in the
    area and is symbolic of the changing face of Glasgow, not least in terms
    of our preparations for the games.

    Ah, so that content-free shite is what it’s all about, then.

    Why not blow up Buckingham Palace?

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