Izzard has ambitions to be Labour mayor of London in 2020 but he’s politically a clueless twat. His fellow unionist Owen Jones will be hoping to be Labour leader by then so the two of the will be desperate to hang on to all them Scots seats. I hope our Scots comrades are keeping a list of names.



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  1. I can’t believe you are taking the Ali/Trot line on this independence crap. And not just supporting it but berating Wales for not doing the same. Anarchists supporting nationalism is too sad to even lol at.

  2. ldev

    eric- WAKE THE FOOK UP. saxe-coburg-gothas Dictatorship needs weakening and that only happens through taking their resources-and thats exactly what scotland is.

  3. rebel

    “independence crap” go play with yer union jack, maybe people in Scotland have no interest in being ruled by cons, and feel a better chance to improve things in their own country without cons holding them back ?

  4. Organic ap Grinder

    Stephen Kinnock has just raced back to be “a voice for voiceless”, (c) N.Kinnock, and now the bloody Scots talk about buggering off and breaking up Blighty….

    Where’s the feking gratitude? No wonder Glenys is sobbing into her Moet.

  5. Dora Kaplan

    Last I heard from Owen the Scots were ‘blood and soil’ nationalists for wanting to split from the Windsors. More recently they were ‘betraying’ call centre workers in Manchester. Apparently what’s left of the British empire is a bulwark of socialist internationalism. I think he wants us all to join Labour and vote for re-nationalisation and Clause 4. He’s conveniently forgotten that it doesn’t matter. Any number of Labour members can vote for whatever they like. The executive can simply ignore them and carry on making deals behind closed doors with JP Morgan. Meanwhile Owen & Co carry on with the public relations that makes all this possible.


      Yup, beautifuly put Dora-As far as ‘supporting nationalism’ goes, it’s more about pushing for independence all the way down to street-level- dissolving power structures by any means necessary…And fuck Eddie Izzard- he’s probably got shares in BP and is protecting his investment.

  6. UKIPist

    Let Scotland leave with the “family silver” and suffer decades of Labour mismanagement until it’s all spent and they can come crawling back to re-join a prosperous and dynamic UK-lite. What odds will Paddy Power give me for this prediction?

  7. Sue

    ‘A clueless twat’ ? Really. Name-calling is so primary school. Grow up.

    • ldev

      quit the ageist idiocy. the wise continue to expand existentially.
      Age is just a social construct used to place people of certain ages under a bias of what they should be like, how they should think, , where they should be in your life, etc. And the number of years elapsed since birth has nothing to do with determining those things. Life is not a straight line and if anyone thinks so they are very close minded. Everyone’s on their own wave and it’s wrong to clump masses of people together based on something as irrelevant as your chronological age. Types of age:
      • Chronological age – The number of years that’s elapsed since your birth
      • Biological Age – a persons age in terms of biological health (“I have a back of a 50 year old”)
      • Psychological Age – someone’s adaptive capabilities compared to others of the same chronological age
      • Social Age – refers to social rules and expectations to a persons chronological age (living your life in a socially acceptable order)
      The way society goes about age, is to lump all of these together into chronological age assuming that they all correspond with one another, when they don’t. For example, if you’re young, you should have no health problems or complications, because you’re young. Is that always the case? No. If you’re older, you shouldn’t be shy because you should be able to adapt to new situations like other people your age, right? No. If you’re 25, you shouldn’t be living at home, because c’mon you’re 25 you should have your life together by now! Is that always the case? Certainly not.
      You see society puts too much weight on people’s age and in fact chronological age tells you NOTHING about a person, where they are in their journey, how they act, maturity level, etc. Nothing important. Age is not relevant to how I, or anyone is like as a person.

  8. kropot

    Yes, nationalism is shit and a retarded form of solidarity up there with the Bullingdon club
    but devolving (or taking) as much power as far down as possible is the only way to go. So fuck the SNP and the rest but break the uk up. Then break Scotland up too.

  9. Tam

    Independence ok. Guaranteed Labour majority, then inject some socialism into the government. Wales too.

    • ldev


  10. b

    I agree with Sue. If you call someone names because they are campaigning for No in Scotland, you ought to say why you support Yes (which you seem to) or take the line of a pox on both houses. I’ve looked through here for reasons and the only one that’s offered is that people have the idea that Yes is somehow anti the royal family. It isn’t. Read this document by the Scottish Government to confirm.

    (If anyone tells me vote YeSNP now because that will make it easier to get a republic tomorrow, I am going to scream!)

    Rather than keeping a list of names of English or Welsh Labour politicians (and Izzard doesn’t strike me as a fool at all), I’ve got another suggestion for what our comrades in Scotland, particularly Glasgow, might consider doing.

    How about burning a big mockup of Buckingham Palace on the opening day of the Commonwealth Games, when our enemies will be blowing up 5 blocks of flats at Red Road??

    Looks like an open goal to me.

    Nobody is making the point that not one of our ‘betters’, no politician, no opinion former, is even mentioning how people who lived in the Red Road flats have experienced the whole process of being moved out. What do they think about it? Where are they now? Do they think they’re better or worse off?

    When people moved into those flats and similar places and schemes elsewhere in Glasgow, out of slums in places like the Gorbals, those questions were obvious. Nobody had to jump up and down to ask them. And almost everyone did consider their housing in the new schemes to be better than it had been in the slums. Now there’s no recognition of any working class voice whatsoever. There’s just bullshit such as “Their demolition will all but mark the end of high-rise living in the area and is symbolic of the changing face of Glasgow, not least in terms of our preparations for the games” and other such bollocks-talk.

    Fuck the Commonwealth Games. Fuck the referendum. Fuck the Scottish Parliament and fuck the British one too. All nationalism stinks.

    The prevailing view is that the social experiment of housing almost 5,000 people in the flats was ultimately a failuresays somebody quoted by the BBC. Whose failure? Whose living conditions? People were better off than they had been in the slums, so what kind of ‘failure’ was it? And most importantly of all, how have working class people experienced being forcibly moved out? Don’t ask the BBC. Don’t ask the Commonwealth Games bullshitters and don’t ask the council, their publicists, or the big business interests who own them.

    By sharing the final moments of the Red Road flats with the world as part of the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games, Glasgow is proving it is a city that is proud of its history but doesn’t stand still, a city that is constantly regenerating, renewing and re-inventing itself.” says some stupid cunt who’s the head of the Games ceremonies, quoted by the BBC in another article.

    Respond to this? Or join in the referendum bullshit?

    Open goal! Go for it!

    (And by the way I used to live in the Red Road flats!)

    • b

      Correction: there is also the idea that nationalist separatism is the first step towards me and my neighbours being able to decide what happens in our street. Are you serious or what? I would say why not join up with UKIP, but subsidiarity is a favoured ideology of the EU.

      • ramón mercader's favourite axe

        You are of course completely and utterly fucking right B. The vote is NOT about ‘independence’ at all. It’s about privilege. The people that run this shitty little island have already decided that it doesn’t really matter what the outcome is or whether their strategic plans are marketed by tweedledee or by tweedle fucking dum. Do anarchists actually believe that the people who run everything have suddenly decided to let us make decisions about the organisation of state governance and about the provision of capital? Kropot, are you Troy Southgate in disguise? Or the ghost of Richard Hunt? A plague on both of your houses I say. Put a toaly in your ballot box on going day!

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