Farage will fancy this one. Incredibly the Labour party – the oh so fucking timid Labour party – is not calling for Miller to resign – unlike the rest of the country. And if theres a by-election in Basingstoke we have a top candidate in nearby Reading.



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  1. Landless Peasant

    The Labour Party are a fucking bad joke. Scum like Miller can get away with stealing thousands of ££s but I can get 10 years for failing to declare a bit of cash-in-hand work, whilst others got 4 years for receiving a pair of stolen boxer shorts. This country is fucked. Revolution NOW. OFF WITH THEIR FUCKING HEADS !!!!!!

  2. Organic ap Grinder

    “Old Labour …New Labour…Blue Labour…One Nation Labour……Dead Labour”

    (c) “Lenins Tomb”….well, sometimes he calls it right.

    Even the Owen Jones mouth to mouth can’t save it. “What is point?”

  3. primesinister

    The whole and absolute shit pile that is the governance of our country is long
    overdue a reset. It is no longer a question of whether politics and those who administer are tainted by corruption the question is is there any part of or individual that isnt.


    Isn’t it obvious by now that the Labour Party are absolutely a worse shower of shits than the Tories? In fact they are the greater class enemy- The Tories, well, they ‘do what it says on the tin’ with only minimal electoral deception- everyone knows that they’re utter cunts- But Labour, with their honeyed words about ‘social inclusion’ and ‘equality’ take the fucking biscuit, the Yin to the Tory Yang, the Judy to their Punch, without which the entire democratic farce could not exist: They are could be described as both ‘flinching cowards’ and ‘sneering traitors’-but for the fact that they have zero ‘socialist principles’. Owen Jones has about as much chance of ‘saving the Labour Party’ as Tony Benn did- but who knows, perhaps he’ll join fork-tongued McCluskey’s new Worker’s Party- But only IF they lose the next election, in other words, business as usual- Vote Labour without delusions.

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