I think we need another RAR tour to stir things up a bit. Any ideas, bands, ranters, organisers……..




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5 responses to “ROCK AGAINST THE RICH 2014

  1. FBC

    Itch formerly of King Blues , Sonic Boom Six, Roy Bailey !!??

  2. thebristolblogger

    Rock is the rich.

  3. Kelly

    This needs to happen!!! I only know a couple of punk bands who can pull in about 20 people but surely someone has more connections?? We need to get the left to focus their anger at the rich again – their privilege and exploitation – and not just at the effects of ‘austerity’ (i.e. new name, same old, same old) on the poor.

  4. The rest of Them

    Not Itch, he’s a numpty.

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