Orwell Anna Laurie 01

Anna Chen and Laurie Penny before Laurie realised she was a woman of colour. Anna is one of the few on the left who has the Trots well rumbled…… a nice line in vitriol.



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  1. Organic ap Grinder

    Breaking News…London Left in Post Marxist Meltdown!

    “New Ego War in Identity Politics face off!”

    My ego’s bigger than yours::….No it fekin ain’t….check yo fekin privilege…mines got enough points on it to buy a frozen chicken in Sainsburys…!

    Oh where is Richard Seymour and his pocket Intersectionality Meter? Apps available.

  2. Mr Chippy

    Is there any wonder that the fuckwit facebook “left” now has less influence on politics, and indeed “conscious life”, than my chip pan?

    Mind you, my chip pan in planning to join Left Unity…

  3. Aidan

    I can’t take anyone who takes Laurie Penny seriously, seriously.

    • ramón mercader's favourite axe

      More of the Oxbridge elite forging its career at the expense of the people it claims to support. Makes you wanna puke blood.

  4. Ditto all the above (practically) but why takes sides between these self-promoting idiots? Chen’s main beef seems to be as the ‘”best press officer in the country” (she quotes the conveniently dead Paul Foot), and her not getting enough work on Radio 4, she is ok in haranguing Losther Penny for the latter not mentioning things in her pieces that Chen wants her to.

    Let the worst press officer in the country tell her that such an approach is unlikely to sell-in what you are pushing. You might even feel sorry for Penny for just a mo – well, a micro-second – but you will be soon woken-up when you see Penny openly talk about ‘promoting’ stuff in her column. I shall contact her now about this new hedge trimmer I want coverage about – I can think of all sorts of ‘feminist’ angles.

  5. Greg

    Dont know who they are, or what the fuck the comments are on about, but they look like a proper pair of “oooh look at me” cunts

  6. nona anon

    …Please validate me Laurie, or I will write more insulting blogs about you and put graffiti all over your facebook wall. Owen Jones acknowledges me so why can’t you? Let me into your clique!!!

    Well that’s how it comes across to me. Maybe I’m wrong.

  7. Lev Bronstein

    A pair of attention-seeking whiners.

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