One of the most farcical trials of all time has ended as it was bound to – the acquittal of Nicky Jacobs after only a few hours deliberation by the jury. A case where the police paid witnesses who were given immnunity from prosecution and worse…………



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  1. Mr Chippy

    “The three main witnesses, who
    were given pseudonyms, admitted
    changing their accounts over the
    years following the murder. One,
    John Brown, said he saw Jacobs use
    a machete in the attack, but in
    cross examination, he admitted he
    thought all black people looked

    “A main ‘WITNESS’ ?”

    How are you spelling that?

  2. nona anon

    A case where the chief prosecution witness stated in open court that black people all looked the same to him in the 1980s… and still do in 2014.
    Where was ‘obnoxious jock’ when the Met needed him?

  3. b

    “Mark Rowley, Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police (…) defended the decision to pay rewards to Brown and Levin in 1994. He said that at the time it was not ‘foreseeable’ that they would appear as prosecution witnesses.”

    Not foreseeable? So these two men gave ‘information’ about Blakelock’s murder, but the police assumed it would never be used in court – they never even ‘foresaw’ the possibility that it might be – because the men would be long-term grasses providing information about whatever came up? And the police would just use this particular information to find out who certain people were and go and kick confessions out of them, or blackmail ID information out of other people they didn’t need or couldn’t use as long-term grasses? Or what?

    Not foreseeable, in the Blakelock case, that paid-for ID information from grasses would be used in court?

    And who fucking made them use it, anyway?

  4. What’s with the report that he is only released today as, according to the BBC, ‘he was kept in custody last night as the administrative offices at Belmarsh jail had closed’?

    I thought as soon as you are found ‘Not Guilty’, you could walk out of the dock – giving two fingers to whoever. The Birmingham Six, when their conviction was overturned at the Old Bailey, famously refused to leave by the back door and left immediately the decision was made by the front door to a reception of cheering Irish building workers from nearby sites, amongst others.

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