7.05 am Miller resigns

11.12am Miliband demands Miller resignation




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  1. Mr Chippy

    11.50am: Peter Hain demands free pardon for Maria Miller, a fortified town house and a new identity “so that we may put all this behind us and move on”

    11.55am: Guardianista Zoe Williams demands free pardon for Tony Blair “because he made the minimum wage run on time and has nice eyes”

  2. Landless Peasant

    Miliband couldn’t catch a fucking cold. Pathetic Class Traitor cunt.

  3. Lucy

    80% of daily mail readers think she should have been sacked and not resigned. 95% of people think all mps are fiddling and corrupt. In other countries people storm parliament for less, why is there so much apathy here ?

  4. JC

    Dead Ed couldn’t really scream from the rafters on this one given that so many of his own mob were caught with their fat fingers in the till not so long ago. How many Neo Labour are still at it?……probably about the same number as their crooked cretinous chummies on the other side of the House. You can’t really take the moral high ground when you’re staring up from the cesspit yourself.

  5. “Maria, Maria, I once shared a cell with Maria…”

  6. Dr Llareggub

    She went because the media had it in for her and her pals in Hacked off – Including Milliband and the left who supported Leveson. She blew it by using Leveson to try and silence her critics in the media, which revealed the lie put out by Hacked off that politicians would not be involved in press regulation. Milliband and the censor seeking left have egg on their faces. We don’t have much of a free press, but .it might still be worth defending from the likes of Milliband and Maria. By the way – anyone have photos of the Whikerman effigy which was put in a field near Basingstoke?

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