April 9, 2014 · 7:11 am

6 responses to “MILLER RESIGNS


    But Cameron’s not windy about it- despite the fact she swindled the expenses system, made a juicy profit over and above the £45k she repaid, fiddled it to pay her parent’s council tax and may have used it to pay four au pairs…But if one of us nicked £3.50s worth of bottled water, we’d get SIX MONTHS.
    And they still want to persuade us we’re not living in a neo-feudal society?


    Bring forth the Guillotine!

  2. Mr Chippy

    “Here is a box, a musical box,
    wound up and ready to play. But
    this box can hide a secret
    inside. Can you guess what is in
    it today? ”

    Er, over £45,000 in unmarked fivers Windy, not counting all the fixtures and fittings you’ve stuffed down your tights?

  3. well said but was miller trumpton or candlewick green.?

    • Keith

      Definitely Camberwick Green which was a defiant libertarian commune posing a threat to the more authoritarianTrumpton where Pugh Pugh, Barney, McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grub certainly had to come down that pole in the “correct” order. Rumour had it that the mayor was conspiring with Captain Snort & Sergeant-Major Grout to clear Trumptonshire of “undesirable elements” like Windy.

  4. Great image of a government minister announcing that YES the political lobbying letters of the non-elected politician Prince Charles WILL be published so that the ordinary tax-payer can see what is REALLY going on behind the scenes in the establishment .

  5. Tom

    But now her replacement Nicky Morgan seems to have had ‘and Equalities’ removed from her title, because she’s a bigot. Looks like they couldn’t find any women MPs to be Minister for Women AND Equalities.

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