Selina Todd’s book ‘The People: The rise and fall of the working class 1910-90’ is reviewed in today’s Guardian by Suzanne Moore. I recommend everyone to read it. In the spirit of EP Thompson – ‘ a class with no sense of itself as a class’. If you don’t read anything else this weekend read this. Honest – its that good.




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  1. Dr Llareggub

    Yes a good read. But it reinforces my sadness that my protests against the assault on working class culture, its history, its self consciousness, which is coming from an elite of leftists, anarchists, and assorted socialists, greens, anti-fascists and all, is dismissed by those who speak for the working classes. E.P Thompson was my friend and I recall several conversations where he made clear his rejection of the old left-right paradigm – a view held by Hobsbawm et al – and urged examination of the class itself. Trouble is – people might not like what they see.

    • b

      I heard a local council official in Brixton refer to the whole of the large population of Battersea as “chavs”. If that’s what cunts like him say in front of people they don’t know from Adam, in a public area in the council offices, what the fuck do they say in private? I never heard that kind of language in waiting rooms at the bunhouse when I was a child in the 1970s and a doler in the 1980s. So you’re saying he got the OK, whether he knows it or not, from leftist politicos?

  2. made by humans

    I have no intention of working in the ‘traditional’ way, so am I working class? NO.
    I don’t want to be defined by a centuries old label that is based on people ‘knowing their place’. A case of “you just work”. Fuck that shit. If you’re going to call me working class then you might as well address me as SLAVE. Then see how far it gets you.

    The Scottish comedian Limmy tweeted a while ago aout how anyone who uses the word ‘NARRATIVE’ is basically a twat. The article you linked to uses the word at least three times. Some major, top notch twattery indeed.

  3. Greg

    TLooks lika right riveting read.They write some great books, those ex -Vice Principals of Oxford University

  4. Mr Chippy

    No real mention of the Labour Party, the “Peoples Party” (sic) in this Guardian review? That pathfinds, careers, defines and polices the borders of what is “acceptable and realistic”, much as the Guardian does for its “liberal class”. All must pass through the grid. And the Guardian’s central HATRED of organised labour, its motivating factor since the sixties, from pimping the SDP to hand jobbing Clegg…anything but the “lumpen” out there…lurking in the darkness. Why else does Michael White triple bolt his door at night.

    And the Labour Party as it rots, cancers and decays, poisons all. A kind of “reverse” hegemony. Meanwhile the “real left” are absorbed in identity wank circles and drafting Comment is Free work samplers… Giz a job, Alan.

    What was it Marx said about the mutual destruction of all classes?

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