Steve Norman, who will be Class War’s candidate in Bristol North West at the general election, is standing as an independent for AVONMOUTH in the Bristol City council elections on May 22nd. Here’s his manifesto:

‘Well its official my hat is in the ring for the local elections on 22nd May my policies are quite simple give a voice to Avonmouth, Shirehampton and L Dub and the most disadvanteged in society its simple if You Don’t Want Change Don’t Vote me but if you want a Loud Voice from someone who will say it as it is put the X where it belongs your vote counts don’t continue to accept the SHIT Bristol City Council dishies out by the bucket load to Avonmouth, Shire and L Dub or the empty promisies from the Labour, Tory & Lib Dems of how they will change things I shoot from my BIG MOUTH not the hip and I don’t give a FUCK if those pompus twits like it or not this is one voice that they won’t silence I promise to Rock The Foundations Of That Big House On The Green until they crumble never mind Britains Got Talent I promise you entertainment like you have never seen and ONE VERY LOUD VOICE’

This will be the first electoral test for CW so if you can help Steve’s campaign get in touch. Well exciting.



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  1. quartzcitygirls

    What a guy! We’re all in the entertainment biz in the end. Too true.

  2. b

    Off-topic but good news: Glasgow City Council and the Commonwealth Games organi$ers have BACKED DOWN over their plan to blow up the Red Road flats as part of the opening ceremony at the Games.

    17000 people signed the online petition against.

    It wouldn’t have looked good, smashing down doors of people living nearby who refused to be evacuated. The firemen probably wouldn’t have come with their chain-cutting equipment either.

  3. thebristolblogger

    Remember, elections are about boots on the ground. If you can come and help in Avonmouth get in touch. Or if you can produce posters, banners, stickers, anything, just do it!

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