Suffering from timidity and nepotism…….then join fellow sufferers in the Labour Party. Labour suspends St.Austell candidate for calling a tory a cunt.

Deborah Hopkins used the social networking site to accuse the Conservatives of ‘killing the sick’ and ‘starving the disabled’, claimed a Government department was using ‘starvation’ to control the population, and described the British Empire as ‘genocide’.

She even used an extremely offensive swear word to attack an opponent, writing: ‘I’d call you a ****
but you have neither the depth or the warmth

CLASS WAR will be asking Deborah to stand for us in ST. AUSTELL.



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  1. They also suspended Gill Kennett and Dean Kirk a while back in Hull when they voted against the Labour council’s budget cuts. At the time Gill said:

    “I could not in all conscience vote for a budget that was dictated to the people of Hull by the cabinet of millionaires in London who have stolen £48m from our council to help pay for the wreckage inflicted by the bankers.”

    Both have since quit and become independents, which is ironic because I heard Gill speak at an event in Donny where Owen Jones said that pretty much the only way to change things politically in this country was to join Labour and act within to change it… sorry Owen, but it looks like anyone with a social conscience would be kicked out anyway 😉


    Deborah Hopkins’s is obviously a dangerous subversive and must be purged immediately for her ‘mis-speak’…Like I said, the Labour Party are a damn sight worse than the Aristo-Cunts…

  3. Greg

    The question is how would old labour have reacted to these benefit sanctioning, corrupt, fiddling, social cuts tories ? Probably with endless strikes and working to rule in the 70s and 80s. Now they act like internet forum moderators, by expelling someone who uses ‘bad’ language. Its not just tories that are cunts, labour are complete cunts. The old deceased labour stalwarts deserve better than this identity theft.

  4. Dr Llareggub

    Greg, Think of old Labour, think of Ray Gunter, set up teams to investigate social security fraud, chased thousands of poor out of benefits.I could give you many more examples. Labour never sold out; they were never in.

    • Greg

      True. But some of the old labour were traditional left wing in a tangible sense. 1989 midnight of the century, berlin wall, no marxist beacons anymore, totally discredited, yeltsin permanently pissed giving everything away, Ian on Jonathan Ross saying leninsm/bolshevism down the shit chute, but hey lets keep the labour brand for the consumers. It’s getting to the stage now where they dont even have to bother to pretend.They have no ideology

      • Aidan

        I’ve certainly known some very decent Labour Party members and there are a handfull of good MPs and rather nore councillors but the rot goes back a long way. Power corrupts.

    • b

      Think of old Labour, think of Ray Gunter“. And what about all the working class people who considered themselves “Labour”? Were they all a bunch of stupid idiots just waiting for Chris Pallis to come and bring the light to them? Dr Llareggub, your attitude is ridiculously one-sided. My mother was in the Labour Party – council estate, single mother, benefit claimant, never had two ha’pennies to rub together – but I mustn’t think of her, I must think of Ray Gunter or Barbara Castle or Clement Attlee, right?

      I think Nye Bevan was worth 10 Clem Attlees, but I don’t mind thinking of Attlee. Tony Blair and Ed Miliband aren’t fit to lick Attlee’s boots. Attlee went down to Victoria Station to meet the British volunteers back from the lost war against Franco in Spain. Is that an “example” of anything, Dr? Sorry but you sound like a stuck-in-the-mud ultraleftist with a big stock of ‘examples’. Empiricism and ideology, brought together in already-know-everything-that’s-needed earthly Cantabrigian harmony?

      One problem that anarchists have is the wrong belief that politicians run the show. Therefore they constantly trumpet the line that politicians in this party are as bad as politicians in that party. Boring fucking graphics of different politicians with their heads in nooses, that don’t get to the essential, even if on paper somewhere they do – the essential being class.

    • b

      So Keir Hardie was a bosses’ man?

      On starving the poor, Deborah Hopkins seems to have a lot of sense. Her line about how she would call someone a cunt but they don’t have the warmth and depth is also witty. But then I hadn’t heard it before, and maybe she got it from someone else.

      I keep battering on about this, but the big hero of the Tories is Thomas Malthus. I don’t think the famine is far off.

  5. Kelly

    I like the depth an warmth comment by Debs, the woman is clearly a poet who was expressing herself creatively, not something allowed in any political party.

  6. Dr Llareggub

    ‘Sorry but you sound like a stuck-in-the-mud ultra leftist ‘
    I accept the title you give me. But… There was a time when I held your views B. Nothing wrong with that. I was a constituency chairman in the Labour Party before and during the election of Harold Wilson’s government. There were lots of good Labour people (and there are still many good people in the party) and I felt they were betrayed during the sixties and since then. I knew Nye Bevan – a windbag, nothing more, brought out to give appearances that Labour was a people’s party. He was a very snooty bastard too, especially when with his posh friends in the media. I saw Kinnock emulate Bevan, I worked alongside him when he was a WEA tutor, and on the way up. For a while I believed in him. I had admiration for Frank Cousins, who invited me to be a Labour Candidate, backed by the TGWU, of which I was a shop steward and member of the lay executive. But I became an anarchist or ultra leftist by the end of the sixties.However, I did remain a friend of Jack Jones, and was with him on the night when Barbara Castle’s ‘In Place of Strife’ died in the Wilson Cabinet, because he was the first person Wilson phoned. Yeah. I lived through Labour, it was in my bones, my dad, and family, the poverty we suffered from when dad came back from the war and faced unemployment under Atlee’s reign. Fucking hell, we kids had to steal coal from the railways .sidings to keep the house warm during the winter. And Left Unity want to return to those days.

    What I am saying is that I took the knocks and learned the hard way about Labour. I was out selling Tribune’s for the local party when one old former Labour supporter who claimed to have known Keir Hardy, put me straight. He said: ‘No matter how you stir the Labour Party, the shit floats to the top’..

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