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To Class War and the We Care foodbank

In solidarity:
Many of us were involved in Climate Camp on Blackheath. In September we will RE-OCCUPY Blackheath and establish a free food kitchen and village based on the principles of mutual aid and respect. We do this independently of yourselves but in solidarity with you. Before the fences go up. We will alert Occupy everywhere so that when the government sends in the bulldozers to clear us in the name of a quick buck for Harvey Goldsmith and the Michelin starred chefs the whole world will be watching. But you – all of you – don’t watch but join us in the spirit of the Diggers and St.Georges Hill.

‘There will come a rustling of wings’.



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4 responses to “‘OCCUPY BLACKHEATH’


    Acorns can grow into Mighty Oaks on the Blackheath Commons…

  2. Uncle Sam

    And why not? The “mutual aid and respect” is heart-warming.

    And why not make a habit of more often calling the overall movement, which this challenge will be part of, by the name that describes what it does — “the Resistance”? And including in that every direct struggle against anything that is socially, economically, politically or culturally oppressive — specifically, anything divisive, exploitative, marginalising or demeaning of the dispossessed.

    “The Resistance”, historically, has covered all those who have had the courage to take the fight, in whatever the form and place, to the oppressors. Whether by confrontation or by subversion, whether in broad daylight, in darkness, or underground. Why not use the term more generally to mean that again, here and now?

    Up the Resistance!

    Up the Rebels!

  3. martin77

    Class unity much respect to you all!!!

  4. badger

    If anyone wants a chance to do a practice run just a couple of weeks before Blackheath….
    “On 4th/5th September NATO is holding a major summit in Newport, gathering some of the world’s wealthiest, most powerful warmongers in an area with a proud history of radical struggle.”

    (week of action: Sat 30th Aug-Fri 5th Sep)
    (mass action called on Thurs 4th Sep)

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