April 22, 2014 · 3:22 am

5 responses to “SQUAT THE LOT

  1. What about all the so called royal places left empty?

    • Uncle Sam

      Including Osborne House near Cowes on the Isle of Wight, unoccupied but “fully open to the public”, with its own private beach. Belongs now to a trust “connected with” the Historic Royal Palaces outfit, the head honcho of which is Lucy Worsley the TV historian and self-proclaimed “subversive”…

      • aintyouthebigman

        What do you mean ‘self proclaimed subversive’? where has she ever proclaimed anything of the sort? she is a fucking historian, all she is bothered about is the HISTORY of the building. What do you suggest for the building? oh wait, you offer no suggestions at all. Wow ain’t you a good activist, uncovering a scandal of miniscule proportions, or is this just another instance of a male on this site picking fights with women. Go pick a better target than a historian you dick. No wonder you and your ilk have never changed a thing with your self proclaimed “activism” which is basically you just moaning about stuff, and slagging off everyone because they don’t think the same as you.

  2. Maria Spiridonova

    Great stuff 🙂 Bout time we had a sticker or poster like that

    • Uncle Sam

      @aintyouthebigman —

      Q.: “What do you mean ‘self proclaimed subversive’? where has she ever proclaimed anything of the sort?”
      A.: Radio Times, 26 April — 2 May 2014, south / west / south west edition, front cover: “Lucy Worsley: Why I’m so subversive”.

      Q.: “What do you suggest for the building?”
      A.: What the title of this thread states: “SQUAT THE LOT”.

      I have absolutely nothing against Lucy Worsley, who I have heard give a lecture containing great warmth and wit — and so dazzling that I’m damned if I can remember the subject; the history of the bedroom perhaps. I just thought the idea of an empty royal pace with a confessed subversive being possibly the chief keyholder suggested possibilities.

      So far as I am aware I have never styled myself an activist — a description, anyway, more to be bestowed by others, I would have thought. The best thing I’ve ever done politically though, was probably to be a founder member of the London squatters campaign, along with activists like Ron Bailey, Andy Anderson, Jim Radford, Brian Behan and Ernie Stanton, to whom I would never dare compare myself. That campaign launched a mass movement that changed the face of Britain for the better, for decades, while its record stands ready to be repeated and to change it once again — SQUAT THE LOT!

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