These are the three top chefs who will be performing at ON BLACKHEATH. It’s not too late guys….didn’t Harvey tell you about the foodbank and the 150 hungry families in Lewisham it serves every week. or the gatecrashing beggars, or the anarchists, or OCCUPY or the hungry pensioners from the estate. Probably not. think about it – it just aint going to be worth it. The posh chef who ignored the hungry – not good is it guys.

Simon Hulstone runs the Michelin starred ELEPHANT RESTAURANT in TORQUAY……………..01803200044

Richard Bainbridge runs the Michelin starred MORSTON HOTEL at HOLT in Norfolk………..01263741041

Neil Rankin chefs at THE SMOKEHOUSE 63-69 Canonbury Road in Islington…………………02073541144

remember Jesus guys – he fed the 5,000 not the 50…………..REPENT AND JOIN US AT THE FOOBANK SAME DAY



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  1. Neil Rankin

    Thanks Ian love your work.

    I just raised £8000 for hungry children in the last 2 days. You wrote a bunch if reactionary bullshit on a website.

    Neil Rankin

    • Simon Hulstone

      Nice one Neil , 8k . Well done . Strangely I m in the process of raising funds for starving children as well and will be cycling 400km across India . Not only that but my restaurant is the main benefactor of a mental health charity in Torquay which we have funded for 10 years privately .

      • Wat Tyler's furious trousers

        I applaud you both for the undoubtedly huge lengths you have gone to provide for those less fortunate than yourselves.

        As a continuation of your charitable endeavours perhaps you would consider helping out with the We Care food bank in Deptford.
        I know for sure that they will be opening the food bank on Blackheath the exact same weekend that you two are there.

        A coincidence like that is surely too good to miss?

    • Delia Smith

      Oh do fuck off you ponce!

    • Delia Smith

      Nothing like a tax dodge darling x

  2. jcb76

    We’re all mighty impressed with your charity work…
    Instead of doing the On Blackheath rubbish you could stay at home and donate to the food bank.


      Why would they want to do that? Their ethics only apparently extend as far as their marketing strategies and tax refundability- think of the middle class foodie demographic in the area, the publicity for their respective gourmand establishments, the prospect of a cooking show on Channel Four, publishing deals in time for Xmas market- It’s a smorgasbord of free-market capitalism with minimal outlay in terms of a faux social conscience….

      You guys, tut! Cynics and Ne’er do-wells, the lot a ya!

      • Simon Hulstone

        I wish, I have a family run small restaurant in Torquay , not really a hub of rich and famous. We grow all our own produce on our plot of land which is used to support and rehabilate unfortunate people with mental health issues which also effects members of our family. Marketing wise I use all public appearances to help raise awareness of our charity but we don’t advertise as not everyone is so fond of mental health issues and call our guests crazy. mental, nutters , schizo etc so most of our friends prefer to remain anonymous with the restaurant raising funds to keep the doors open . On Blackheath to me is an opportunity to possibly reach out to one person who may make the sacrifice of offering to help our charity and to catch up with chef friends. I have no political motive, marketing strategy I just want a nice day out , cooking , with my family and friends.

      • ianbone

        can either of you understand why the local foodbank in Lewisham that distributes food to over 150 local families every week and could do more is furious that a Michelin starred food fest costing over £100 admission is taking place under the noses of people who are going hungry every day?

      • ianbone

        Yes Simon a lot of people in Lewisham would like a nice day out cooking with friends but instead they have to go to the foodbank or go hungry if they are ‘sanctioned’ by the government. This aint hobnobbing with Alex james in the Cotswolds – people are seriously hurting in Lewisham and Peckham – and the idea you can just swan up and ignore what’s going on outside the fences just aint a runner.

  3. £8k? Your gonna have to do better than that lads. Your average top charity boss earns more than that in a month 😉

  4. Neil Rankin

    Tax dodge? I’m doing it as an individual in somebody else’s restaurant. I don’t own a company or a business and all the money goes direct to charity , what are you on about ? Pick on someone that makes enough money to dodge tax , moron.

  5. Simon Hulstone

    Ian I understand that and I don’t ignore the situation or wish on anybody why would you think I would . I’m not vindictive , nasty or do I rub my good fortunes in other peoples faces . I work , I provide for my family I look after my friends and I help the less fortunate as much as time allows me. I don’t think my Michelin star has anything to do with other peoples problems. There is increasing poverty in Devon as there is in this area and its getting worse, fisheries closing, army /navy being laid off, factories closing, widescale drug problems. But does it mean I should give up my job as a chef and make 15 staff unemployed and add to this problem ? I am not the guy charging to get into the festival if the festival was free I would still do it . If I helped at your food bank tomorrow i would be accused of trying to gain PR for my own gain and vilified, I cant win . I am not against any of you and I ‘m sorry that you feel that my presence is not needed.

  6. Sue Seaside

    Simon, I’m sure you mean well with your help for ‘unfortunates’. However in south London it sounds very much like crumbs from the rich mans table. We are not ‘unfortunate’, we are angry. Our common land is being taken over, for profit, for an event that excludes the vast majority of the local population – foodie or not. We have a farmers market – Deptford High Street. You are contributing to the local population being priced out and patronized.

    What do you think Neil?

    • Neil Rankin

      Hi sue

      I really in my heart of hearts don’t think that the social and economic problems that any area of the Uk faces can be attributed to food festivals.

      I could be wrong but I think it goes a little deeper.

      • Az

        No one has said food festivals are the cause of social and economic problems. So try harder than the simple straw man.

  7. Az

    No one is saying quit your job you drama queen. This ain’t really about you you Simon. Think about it, many many people on the breadline in the surrounding area, some dependent on food donations because they can’t afford to eat. While all this is going on, a load of tents turn up, load of swanky range rovers etc and a big fence no doubt. So you’re sat no money for food for your family,and a massive feast is had made with ingredients you can only dream about, right under your nose. (It says a lot that people think nothing of it) £100 a ticket… well it makes a statement doesn’t it?

  8. Az

    To be honest I hope those who truly are hungry come through your fence (Barrier to the poor) and nick the food.

    • Simon Hulstone

      Yes it was a fun project 4 years ago and I got to cook dishes with my team that we never had before . Education .

  9. jcb76

    If you’d do it for free why don’t you tell the organisers that? Pull out and set up a free event.

  10. Aidan

    Hang on, if Simon is working for free where does the money people pay for his grub at On Blackheath go to? If it’s to the organisers then Simon is being screwed. If it’s to Simon then he’s not working for free.

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