‘To start with, most people don’t seem to understand what the difference between left and right is. For example, the BNP are a hard left party. I consider myself a libertarian, I consider myself to be pretty right wing and I get shit for saying that out loud. I was thinking about it the other day, I was thinking about how, quite often, I do keep myself to myself on the subject because I can’t be fucking bothered to have some guy look all shocked at me because I think socialism’s retarded.” (, December 2009)

Yes this is the OLD ETONIAN – just like daddy – who will be headlining ON BLACKHEATH on Sunday.



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  1. Landless Peasant

    Sound’s like he’s “retarded”.

  2. Uncle Sam

    “Retarded on his own side” you might say.


    Mr.Turder seems to be suffering from that peculiarly American delusion that Nazism and Fascism were, or are, Left-Wing movements, coupled with hijacking the term ‘Libertarian’ as a Right-Wing concept. Twentieth century Political history seems to have by-passed such people, so much so, that they seem to make up horseshit, to suit themselves, as they go along…

    • Keith

      Even “left libertarian” has been taken to mean right wing libertarians (such as the Agorians) who show tolerence to or accept a continuity with real left libertarians.

  4. jc

    If the BNP are ‘hard left’ (no sniggering at the back, please) what does that make the Lib-Lab-Tory axis of evil?

  5. i still have no idea who he is. anyone??

  6. tristan

    In the ‘logic’ of such people, the BNP are left wing because they’re anti-freedom (because of course, capitalism is all about freedom, I suppose it is for those who matter to such people).
    I’m sure UKIP are okay because they’re racist, but don’t want to make laws about it.

  7. ds

    Typical right wing cunt, thinking the Nazi’s were socialist, the BNP are left wing. His political compass is screwed up. Posh prick, fuck him.

  8. G

    The Oxbridge qualified PPE ministers partly exact rule for the rich by relying on peoples, including the idle ex- etonian fuckwits, political ignorance.

  9. Jaz

    Just sounds like a typical mummys boy suburban rebel who depends on daddys handouts. Pathetic.

  10. Freddy Skinner

    This quote was placed in incredibly poor context by the press. Frank Turner isn’t right wing.

  11. beastrabban

    This attitude – that the Nazis/ Fascists were somehow ‘Left-wing’ started in the 1980s with the Freedom Association, formerly the National Association For Freedom (NAFF – says it all). The attitude seems to be that any kind of state intervention is Socialism. You find that simplistic viewpoint frequently expressed by American Libertarians. They also tend to point to the anti-capitalist elements in the Nazis and Fascists’ ideologies.
    However, Hitler made it clear in a speech to German industrialists in 1932, asking for their support, that private enterprise needed to be protected from democracy by a powerful, personal dictatorship, meaning his. He also stated several times that he had no intention of nationalising any industries unless they were extremely badly run by their management that there was no choice.
    As for Musso, he got into power by promising to protect the middle class from the threat of Socialism, the trade unions and the organised working class. He promised to defend private property, and free trade. Once in power, il Duce made a speech stating that he stood for ‘pure Manchester school free trade’. He was also going to abolish the Italian equivalent of unemployment benefit, open the state life insurance up to private industry, and privatise the state telephone company. Which was, coincidentally, the first thing Thatcher did.

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