This is one of ‘Royalist’ Simon Hulstone’s favourite menus which he’ll no doubt be serving up on Blackheath as the foodbank hands out its food to the hungry

Consommé a la Windsor King George VI and Queen Elizabeth 26th April 1923 Manzanilla Pasada Pastrana, Vinicola Hildago 50ml

Fillet of brill in lobster sauce Prince Charles and Lady Diana 29th July 1981 Rioja Blanco 2008 ‘Manopole’ C.V.N.E., Haro, Rioja Alta 100ml

Ballotine of duck with Cumberland sauce Queen Victoria and Prince Albert 10th February 1840 Gewurztraminer 2009 Henry Fuchs, Ribeauvillé, Alsace 100ml

Filet de sole Mountbatten Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip 20th November 1947 Chablis 1er Cru ‘Mont de Mileu’ 2008 Domaine Pinson, Bourgogne 100ml

Beef Mascotte, artichokes, truffle potatoes King Edward VII and Alexandra of Denmark 10th March 1863Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II 1953 Les Fiefs de Lagrange 2000 3eme Cru Classé, St Julien, Bordeaux 150ml

Prune and Armagnac ice cream Our creation in honour of Prince William and Kate 29th April 2011 Reflexio, Hors d’Age, Vin doux Naturel, Castell Persilla, Roussillon 75ml Cafetiere coffee or tea with petit fours



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  1. Simon Hulstone

    Bloody lovely menu that was as well

  2. jcb76

    Go Veggie! It’s a cruel menu I’ll give you that. Plus it wallows in love for the monarchy. It gets 11/10 for pretentiousness.

  3. Keith

    Could the menu be adapted to cooking lordly long pigs? A little aristophagy may be in order.

  4. Keith

    If the cooking tents could be seized by an insurrectionary force then the menu could be adapted to be
    Amuse-guele d’animelles de Cameron frites et beignets de langues d’Alex Turner truffe.
    Long-cochon de lait Georges VII.
    Tete de Pape Francois Rotie avec sauce bigotrie.
    Desordre Complet des Eton.
    All washed down by the finest wines known to humanity & the sounds of a joyous peasant throng.

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