May 4, 2014 · 9:30 pm

2 responses to “TOKYO TONIGHT

  1. Anarchist Swampland

    Says Vote Class War, no doubt. A couple of years ago you debated with the SPGB on how do we get to Socialism – not through voting was probably one of your main differences. Why have you decided to start your own campaign rather than join electoral forces with them or fight inside Left Unity as others are trying to do? I know you said previously Class War would not be commented on this blog anymore but there is no discussion on the website.

    • Tom Ferrour

      Swampland, you can watch the debate and see that Ian’s first criticism of the SPGB was that their “lives aren’t exciting enough”; that before the “orgasm” of revolution we need “foreplay”. This is a criticism of “Revolutionary Purity”.
      Ian goes on to argue the bigger point that the SPGB do not participate in violent struggles but do benefit form their outcomes. This is the same point played out in practice.
      Class War are not saying that the revolution can be substituted for an election as the SPGB do say. Maybe we will bring out the failure of working class participation in the political structures of the employing class through political practice.
      The video is well worth a watch:

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