Crystal clear in Seattle



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  1. I despair

    Oh dear. It is a real shame that anarchists don’t have a membership scheme; it would have weeded these morons out at least.

  2. Dr Llareggub

    For too long anarchists have been with the easily offended crowd. Too busy denying platforms to those they disagree with to formulate their own message.

  3. ramon mercader's favourite axe

    We want to say that coercive relationships at home or at work only benefit a minority of people. They harm the rest of us. These sorts of relationships are therefore, apart from very exceptional circumstances, unacceptable to us. We want to say that if we act together to pursue our common interests, we will also all be much better off. Because the cause of our social problems is not us, or other people like us that come to live in the UK. It is the people and the institutions that represent the status quo, that enforce greed, inequality and coercive authority. All of the things that we say and that we want to do or change should reflect our opposition to people that represent authority and inequality.

  4. Lillburne

    Unfortunately all too familiar. I have had exactly the same experience myself at a demo many years ago with an anarchist and a member of the public.

    Back in the days when Shirley Porter let the NF march to Cenotaph on Remembrance day. Anarchists were demonstrating, a little old lady near me whose husband had died in the war was getting a little upset not understanding why these people were shouting at the old soldiers. What she wanted was a person to calmly and politely tell her the protest was not against the soldiers but one small group the NF who were Nazis and the people her husband died fighitng. And the protest was in support of the memory her husband and against the NF insulting his memory.

    What she got was some dickhead who went over to her, placed his face 3 inches from hers and screamed at the top of his voice something I couldn’t understand and could only make out one word “fascists”. This unsurprisingly upset her more. Fortunately there was a policeman nearby who saw the event and arrested him. I can remember inwardly clapping the policeman as he did.

  5. gtr

    Just watched the video…. arg. Especially galling since it appears to have been a live broadcast, so a chance to talk to people without being cut by some editor.

  6. I despair

    That moment when you realise that if there was a revolution next week, the idiots that got in the reporters face screaming abuse would end up being the majority and would very quickly form their own little talibans taking revenge on easy targets where ever they could. Then quite quickly we would need another revolution to rid us of such pricks, but their would be millions of them… oh well, back to the drawing board.

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