I’m sure when CW announced our election campaign not many people thought we’d be getting the pensioners vote – but that’s forgetting that some of us are pensioners! IF we were just going after the usual anarchists we wouldn’t have bothered to stand.
Secondly we are going for policies which will make pensioners financially much better off – DOUBLE PENSION DOUBLE ALL BENEFITS NO BILLS TO PAY FOR PENSIONERS along with social policies like cheap beer in local pubs. All costed and paid for by SOAKING THE RICH. I’ll be getting out and about in Lewisham soon with the DOUBLE PENSION leaflets – the grey vote could swing it for CW.



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  1. WillyNilly

    A stroke (no pun intended) of electioneering genius that will out-manoeuvre (thanks, Spellcheck) the Coalition and UKIP in one fell swoop.

  2. b

    This is a great idea. Starting in well-picked places, it could be easy to get some good graphics into the media too. The above poster is brilliantly conceived but needs some tweaking: the white font looks like crap, the mauve is unreadable, and the faces could come out better. As for the sticker, it’s just an anarchist joke. At all costs, avoid putting skull and crossbones on literature aimed at pensioners! 🙂 Here is my contribution: . (If this doesn’t work, click <a href=""<here.

  3. b

    No probs – I’ll have a look at some of the others later tonight. In the meantime, have you seen the news stories from Australia with photos of pensioner demonstrators who have stripped to their underwear? They look as though they’re having a good time protesting…

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