Learn how to swagger through a town centre chanting ‘RAPE RAPE’ and ‘she’s too young’ at any girl under 16. Truly empowering.


Learn how as a tutor you can sexually harass a student till she kills herself and be told by the authorities ‘best stay away for a few days’


A handy guide on how to spike the drinks of vulnerable freshers while ‘crewdating’.


How to develop a culture of silence over sexual assault claims even when there are dozens of them.


Leadership from the top


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  1. Mr Chippy

    “ Oxford, in those
    days, was still a city
    of aquatint. In her
    spacious and quiet
    streets men walked
    and spoke as they
    had done in
    Newman’s day; her
    autumnal mists, her
    grey springtime, and
    the rare glory of her
    summer days – such
    as that day – when
    the chestnut was in
    flower and the bells
    rang out high and
    clear over her
    gables and cupolas,
    exhaled the soft airs
    of centuries of

    It was this
    cloistral hush which
    gave our laughter
    its resonance, and
    carried it still,
    joyously, over the
    intervening clamour.”

    Evelyn Waugh ~ “Brideshead Revisited”

    It’s the way he tells ’em.

  2. b

    John Bercow wrote a “guide to understanding women”. It appeared in Armageddon, a Conservative student magazine, in 1986, when he was already a Lambeth councillor. It’s also reported here. He’s admitted it.

    One of his sections was on “How to pick up drunk girls”, in which he describes techniques for luring drunk women into bed. According to our illustrious John, “Women will settle for anything that breathes and has a credit card”.

  3. b

    John Bercow was chairman of the Federation of Conservative Students. (Got to admit: they did do a good front page on Harold Macmillan once.)

    He was also Secretary of the Monday Club’s Immigration and Repatriation Committee.

  4. Greg

    Fair play to him, turned up when invited to our anti-poll tax meeting, but wasnt very popular. Thatcher acolyte, and very much like Alan B’astard

  5. Ray

    Bercow went up in my estimation when he said of snobs and bigots, ” Of the two snobs are the worst because a bigot can change, I know that because I was one myself, but a snob never changes.” Fair play to him indeed. That Sally done him a power of good I reckon.

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