***** Write- in Class War vote breaks two pencils in Croydon

Pauline Thomas reports disruption of count by dropping hula hoops all over the polling station floor in Cardiff – right on sister!

Write-in Class War votes in Reading:
Done my Civic Duty. Wasn’t going to until Angi showed me just how few spoilt papers there usually are… so the Class War Party now has more votes than the Lib Dems in Coley Park I reckon. Tight squeeze fitting it on the end of the ballot paper though!

Reports of masses of defaced ballot papers with CLASS WAR written on coming in countrywide – this one from Cardiff

AVONMOUTH LATEST: Steve Norman reports that he was able to flyer every house in the ward, turnout is up, and result expected between 12-3am.The result swill be a close call between local Tory turned ukip – SPUD MURPHY – and longtime Labour hatchet man John Bees…………both parties throwing waves of footsoldiers at it so Steve has a tough job.


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  1. Horatio

    Put my cross against the Greens today in the Euro elections but without much enthusiasm! These other local elections could be interesting and the results are out tonight as opposed to the Euro elections which will take several days- hope Ian Bone isn’t staying up for all of it!

    Spud Murphy! I thought that was a cantankerous librarian in Eoin Colfer’s children’s book, The Legend of Spud Murphy. Anyway hope that Steve Norman does well. Here is a full list of the candidates as posted on the Bristol City website:

    John Thomas Bees Labour Party Candidate
    Ian Humfrey Campion-Smith Liberal Democrat
    Patrick Dorian Hulme Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts
    Matthew Simon Melias The Conservative Party Candidate
    Spud Murphy UK Independence Party
    Stephen Kenneth James Norman Independent
    Justin Michael Quinnell Green Party

  2. thebristolblogger

    Live rumour-mongering and partial commentary from Bristol at http://thebristolian.net/ from around 10pm. Explicit content guaranteed.

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