Excellent statement overnight from RHM

o gorau te, bant a ni! / alright then, here we go! i announced tonight that I will be standing for the Class War Party in the general election next year for the constituency of Cardiff South and Penarth, because that is where I live. I thought long and hard about standing against the parachuted Kinnock runt in Port Talbot, but two parachutes don’t make a summer (or something like that)….or maybe about Cardiff Central where the Lib Dems won last time because very few real residents live there any more, lost in a sea of transient students that believed the LD hype…the door is open, i do hope someone sympathetic to the Class War Party puts themselves forward to stand for us there because i think with the right campaign it will be a far more receptive constituency than i’ll have, and i do look forward to working with them in offering a real alternative way of developing a political framework that offers genuine representation of individual’s wishes, dreams and desires. Thanks ever so much to Shaun Featherstone for providing the platform for me to declare tonight, and to Mab Jones, you are both wonderful human beings on whom I know i can rely….

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