I e-mailed ATTILA THE STOCKBROKER the other day to see if he wanted to stand for Class War in Brighton Kemptown. He responded in comradely fashion saying he was a Marxist- Leninist and it would be Left Unity if anyone. Fair enough.
Then today he writes this tosh:

‘Come on Miliband, discover a spine and thousands of us would get out on the streets and back you all the way.’

Owen Jones says much the same in his 48th Guardian piece this week.

there is some belief that Kinnock/Blair/Smith/ Brown/ Miliband are really socialists but being held back by some….some…………………..and if only…………..

No comrade – you have become a Polly Toynbyist



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4 responses to “ATTILA THE DELUDED

  1. ramon mercader's favourite axe

    It’s amusing to contemplate that Attila the Stockbroker actually thinks that Ed Miliband is remotely interested in soliciting support from a handful of Marxist-Leninists. He’s a funny/peculiar bloke, though i have liked a lot of his material over the years. In my experience these people really hate anarchists. Have you asked him to play rock against the rich?

  2. Dora Kaplan

    ‘Marxist Leninist’ aint’ that posh student for ‘I don’t do anything that might get me arrested?’

  3. TC

    Attila has been pretty staunch over the years, He was quite a dedicated anti fascist as well. This slip is not a fall from grace.

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