Already Labour talk of deporting people without jobs – where to – maybe FN workcamps in france – meanwhile the old left here is fucked – same old same old – only one outfit in town can take on the right in a street brawl at The election. CLASS WAR.



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  1. Dr Llareggub

    One of the problems with the Old Left is that it assumes that they have to think for you and tell you where to stand on political issues. The Trots who control UAF/Hope not Hate have produced this list of all the baddies in Europe. Now all you have to do is turn up to their demands to silence any of them and carry one of their mass produced banners.
    FPO – Austria – Racist party
    France – Front National – Fascist organisation
    Greece – Golden Dawn – Nazi organisation
    Hungary – Jobbik – Nazi organisation
    The Netherlands – PW – Racist party headed by Geert Wilders
    Sweden – Swedish Democrats -Nazi organisation
    UK – BNP – Nazi organisation
    Poland – National Movement – Nazi group linked to Jobbik, at tonight’s elections
    Lega Nord – Italy – Far right; formed an “iron pact” with the French Front National
    UKIP – Far right

    So don’t forget. These are the baddies. Labour and the other bosses parties are not class enemies. Anyone feel like shouting to hell with the lot of them? Or are you happy to have your enemies selected and correctly classified for you?

    • aidan

      Hammer. Nail. Head. Thanks Doc.

    • Well, I’m old left and can think for myself. For example, I never agreed with the old left on issues of education- in particular grammar schools.

      I thought for myself. It is not so much we feel we need to think for you, more we feel you may need educating in some areas and attempt, often miserably I admit, to do that.

      The old left has a poor history of making its aims and policies known and more importantly understood- in that respect I can agree they appear to be telling us what is best for us.

  2. be gone, you heathens!

    The final tally in the EU election in the UK won’t be known until today, Monday. This is because the Presbyterians in the Western Isles of Scotland refuse to count votes on a Sunday.

  3. John L

    Yes. A lot of Tories voted UKIP, because they think the Tory leadership doesn’t hate foreigners enough.

    And the LibDem vote fell through the floor, as former Labour voters who have had it up to here with the LibDems went back to voting Labour.

    UKIP up 10%, BNP down 5%, Tories down 4%.
    Labour up 10%, LibDems down 7%.

    I don’t think UKIP will win more than two seats at the general election. But they’re a bigger news item than Plaid Cymru.

  4. Lillburne

    I don’t think UKIPs vote is coming entirely from the Tories. Where I live, one of London’s red boroughs a lot of people around my area have been singing the UKIP song for a while now.

    Just seeing UKIP as a bunch of disgruntled Tories is underestimating the problem. The right have always stepped forward to claim a lot of working class votes in recessions, only this time they seem to have smarted up.

  5. You aint seen nothin’ yet! As we near the General Election people’s patience with the main parties will be lost, giving UKIP the votes it needs to hold the balance of power. Then we’ll see some horse trading. We’ve come a long way since David Cameron labelled us racists and loonies. I wonder how many leaders of the Lib/Lab/Con will survive the next 12 months?

    • Lillburne

      I remember exactly what is happening to UKIP now happening to the Green Party in the 90s. One minute they were toasting on Champagne after becoming a major party after a similar Euro and Local election result to UKIP the next minute they were scratching their heads after the general election wondering how everyone forgot them so quickly.

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