The vote for the far Left in the elections – in England in the six counties – was minimal. My own party, Left Unity (of whom the majority are really Bennites in exile) is noticeably to the right of the others. I’d prefer TUSC but they don’t allow individual members.

I’d certainly be in favour of some link-up with Class War but as Left Unity ignored such an approach from TUSC, and I know what TUSC are like as well – they even rejected my individual help as not a member of their group – that won’t happen. Shame on them and kudos for Class War for suggesting it.

And certainly the CW publicity is streets ahead of, say, LU’s comment on Jeremy Clarkson – why do they think anyone is interested in what they have to say on this when they have scores of Guardian types lined up 1st to say the same thing.

If there is a Class War candidate near me, I’ll work for them but we should appreciate the pitiful situation we are all in. The TUSC (Socialist Party) worked very hard in the Mayoral election in Newham and made points that would resonate with all in this solidly working class area – build council houses, no to the Mayor’s £80K salary, etc. There were also TUSC candidates for council seats.


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