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  1. Dr Llareggub

    I think we need to re-consider the line put out by the media – BBC led – that one third of the UK are racist. It fits in with mainstream politicians explanation of UKIP’s success and has been bought largely by the left. Whilst there may be residual pockets of racism, on the whole the threat of racism is very much an artificial construct produced by anti working class prejudices from the privileged gated communities of the established and well to do tradition left.. Basically, they say, you cannot trust the working classes; they are thick and easily led by smart arse racist demagogues. I smell something nasty in this argument..

    Likewise, let us get some truth about the media and UKIP. The media have not supported UKIP. Never, since the attacks on the early Labour Party, has there been such a sustained attack from the entire media and political classes, than seen against UKIP. Every silly comments from obscure UKIP candidates has been seized on and endlessly debated. Farage has been repeatedly seen on TV, but every time faced accusations of racism and xenophobia. This is not a defence of UKIP, but I am drawing attention to a line put out by the main parties, one which will dominate the news until the next general election. You want to attack UKIP, then go for some of their policies, try to catch them out. Look at the brilliant post from the Thurrock Heckler who challenges them without resorting to the BBC/Guardian race card. Don’t fall for it. The state funded equality and diversity industry is doing quite well out of race hustling, and is one of the areas of government spending that has not faced austerity.

    At this stage I would say that UKIP’s electoral success is not based on the alleged racism of several million working people who voted for them; it is based on something we anarchists in Class War should recognise: people are pissed off with having no control over their lives, which is worse during the phase of artificially imposed austerity. Millions have stuck their fingers up to the established parties by voting UKIP. That in itself is a good sign. So the electorate have rattled Milliband,Cameron and Clegg. Good. But next we want them all out. Instead, we are about to be sucked into an anti-racist witch hunt against our own class, with every utterance made by the ‘under-educated’,inarticulate potential working class bigots and soccer supporters will be analysed for its racist content, until the self confidence of our class is completely eradicated.. If you don’t get my point, just look at the line pushed by Milliband and Cameron, echoed by their state funded zombies in Hope not Hate and UAF.

    Message to the good folk in North East Anarchists. Don’t worry too much about left, right, far right. That is for the Mainstream media. Focus on how we can assist working people to produce their own definitions.

    • aidan

      Doc, Private Eye No 1366 – not the current one but the one before it – has an item on page 6 in their Street of Shame section which seems to say that the stories about dodgy UKIP candidates saying dodgy things were being fed by Conservative researchers to at least two national newspapers which agreed, in return “…not to seek out quotes from Tory opponents”. The one newspaper named was the Guardian. These are Private Eye’s allegations, not mine.
      The implication is that the Tories were concerned about “…right wing floating voters…” voting UKIP.

    • gtr

      “I think we need to re-consider the line put out by the media – BBC led – that one third of the UK are racist.”

      Well, you could start by reconsidering the idea that anywhere near a third of the UK voted UKIP!

      In the european elections for instance:
      didn’t vote: 66%
      ukip: 9%
      lab: 9%
      con: 8%
      grn: 3%
      ld: 2%
      snp: 1%
      bnp: 0.4%
      pc: 0.2%
      …and those are percentages of the people registered to vote – if you take into account all the people not even registered to vote UKIP’s share is probably more like 7%.

      Of course you NEVER see election results presented like this in the mainstream media because they’d rather not draw attention to the fact that NONE of them have a mandate. Instead they tell you results as a percentage of the people who did vote – with the vast majority of people, the non-voters, consigned to a footnote reading “turnout:..”

      • dannymay


        I think (?) Dr Llareggub’s referring to (in the good Dr’s sound analysis above) a survey that was published in the Guardian and ALL OVER the liberal media (top stories on BBC/ITV/C4 news, Newsnight).

        It basically said a third of us are racist and racism is on the rise.

        Thing is what they ‘forgot’ to mention was that the 5 year average (used by the surveyors) showed that racism is in decline:

        I also smell something nasty in this.

  2. Lillburne

    Good post, can’t agree more. I actually read their manifesto. Once you start pointing out what is says people who support them quickly change their mind. Their entire election support seems based on people actually supporting the anti-immigration line they are publicising and thembeing ignorant of the other policies. So by the media continually attacking their immigration policies out of some delusion that people don’t really thing this and not publicising their policies they are helping them.

    I have had a few chats with UKIP supporters, not the party faithful just friends, acquaintances or even strangers beguiled by their line. They always talk about immigration I turn the conversation to other item in their manifesto, here a few examples of arguments I use, never mentioning immigration.

    UKIP propose a 31% flat tax to replace income tax. which means anyone earning 41K or less will pay 50% more income tax. Ask a UKIP supporter how much a month they pay income tax, if they are happy with this and why they want to pay 50% more……… then watch their faces change.

    Alternatively with the rightwing small government types, ask them why UKIP support doubling Britain’s nuclear missiles, increasing the army and navy size drastically and increasing defence spending by 50%? Not exactly pulling out of international affairs, small government and freedom?

    As for pensioners ask them why they are in favour of UKIP abolishing state pensions. Don’t they want their state pension anymore?

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