June 6, 2014 · 4:14 pm


  1. Greg

    Off topic, slightly. Dan Snow now on BBC in Normandy making a speech to the veterans (about Harrys age) , telling them about D Day, and how there are great books and documentaries about it. Fuck me the history man is telling them what it was like. Now hes handed over to Prince William. Jesus wept. Never was so much owed by those rich few to so many….

  2. Dr Llareggub

    The trouble is that recognition of the benefits of the NHS has passed into seeing this bureaucratic organization as something beyond criticism. Well, it does need criticism, and the knee jerk defence employed by the left and the unions every time another scandal involving the maltreatment of patients is exposed, is as harmful as the Labour and Tory attempts to sell it off.

    And quite frankly I am pissed off with rose tinted memories of the creation of this organization, which began as a centralised state controlled power base for the over privileged medical profession, which has continued to abuse working people and avoid responsibility for its failings. And please, despite the money thrown at it, compassion and Hippocratic ethics has rarely been its defining feature. Let us stop listening to the excuse of Torykutz at. every negative report.

    • b

      I’ve never met a working class person who doesn’t a) criticise the NHS and b) support the principle of the NHS. That includes the one I look at in the mirror.

      No working class person in the exclusive presence of other working class people gives the impression that they think the NHS is beyond criticism.

      Maybe anti-leftism is the worst product of leftism? Excuse this appallingly boring and lazy bit of rhetoric, but…

      1) A radical proletarian take in many areas overlaps with a lefty take.

      Don’t ever forget that the Tories opposed setting up the NHS. True they didn’t abolish it after 1951. But by then the medics’ gobs had been stuffed with gold. The fact of the Tory opposition is not a lefty myth; it remains very relevant. There were right-wing scum such as Viscount Lymington who opposed trying to eradicate TB – and that was in the 1930s. That idea has a very green feel to it. If there’s one big ideological god of the Tory party and the British bourgeoisie, it’s the Cantabrigian cleric Thomas Malthus.

      2) A radical proletarian take is more radical than a lefty take and in many areas doesn’t overlap with a lefty take.

      Where we probably agree, Dr Llaggerub, is on the dead-endedness of politics based around resisting cuts. In fact we probably agree on many of the specifics… But it’s only worth opposing the ‘lefty’ view if these specifics get focused on…

      For ages, much of the criticism of the worsening of healthcare was based on the assumption that what happens in hospitals should continue to happen in hospitals. People failed to criticise the basing of the NHS on hospitals in the first place. What about demanding free dental and eye care? What about realising that the primacy given to hospitals was from the very beginning one of the key features of the managerialism? Many hospital directors were demobbed army officers.

      And above all, what about opposing the fucking obscene amount of patrician paternalism that every fucking medic in the country comes out with??

      Look at waiting lists. Other countries don’t have them. So many people just don’t fucking get it when you tell them that. I’m not saying people don’t wait for operations in other countries. I’m saying that when your ‘betters’ decide you need one, you get given an appointment. In Britain you BELONG TO ‘SIR’. You GO ON SIR’S LIST. SIR WILL SEE YOU WHEN SIR FUCKING WANTS TO, YOU DIRTY OIK. And Sir employs loads of shitty lying bureaucrats who will fiddle the paperwork and look you in the face and lie their fucking heads off. E.g. transferring you from one area to another and then back again so as to say you’ve been waiting for far less time than you have, or pretending they would have been ready to do the operation but only during the week you told them you’d be on holiday, etc. etc.

      Come on, disgruntled nurses and office workers, spill the fucking beans!

      In many other countries, medics don’t give the impression that they have academic qualifications that they don’t, either.

      Unfortunately I’ve met many working class people who have loads of deference towards medics even though everyone knows the cunts are moneygrabbing fuckers and they like playing golf and staying in hotels at public expense etc. etc. Not so many realise that lying through their fucking teeth the whole time is part of being a medic, as is covering up for each other. Think of all the vile ‘jokes’ about the “Woolworth’s test” and “Funny Looking Kid” and “Normal for Norfolk” and “PFO – Pissed and Fell Over” etc. Most of them think we’re scum. The middle classes outside of the medical profession think that’s all really funny, because they hate us too. They don’t think what fucking vile people they are, to think and act like that. And that’s not so bad in most otherwise comparable countries…

      Lastly, what about the corruption? When a medic says he can “see you privately” and “refer you back” to himself on the NHS, that’s nothing but ASKING FOR A BRIBE. But how many people call it what it fucking is?

  3. Dr Llareggub

    Bang on the nail there B. Totally agree. And we can add the bribes paid to consultants from the drug companies, holidays in exotic places. And one surgeon I met had paid for three sons through university out of payments from the manufacturers of dialysis machines. The NHS needs a Class War approach.

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