Just finished reading ‘Harry’s Last Stand’. Brilliant. A book written by a working class person not some clever arse academic like zizek or biffo or some other wanker. Read it. Great politics, touching on his family’s poverty, rock solid on the class analyisis. Moving account of his sister’s painful death from TB, his father’s destitution. He ends ‘I’m still passionate for change…what are you going to do?. HARRY – YOU’RE A CLAS ACT MATE……….’I don’t consider sitting on a computer clicking a like button for a Russell Brand speech to be an action’



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7 responses to “HARRY’S LAST STAND – READ IT

  1. wine women & song

    Moral of the story is dont waste your life chasing a pipedream when you could be out there having fun instead of wasting it on boring politics, cos when you get to 120 you’re still hoping for something that aint gonna happen. what a waste

  2. harry the hat

    looking forward to reading it …….then passing it on.

  3. So ‘wine women & song’ when your livers fucked or your kids are ill I am sure you’ll be whining about not being able to pay for the healthcare….fight hard, play hard. Class War.

  4. Richard

    and anyone who thinks things are getting better…
    David Katz in GQ magazine talks about the increased demand for high-class assistance among the rich.
    “Thirty-five years ago,” he writes, “there were only a few hundred butlers left in Britain; today there are roughly 10,000’’
    One of the first lessons of a butler training course is this scenario: Imagine that you’re serving a dinner party for your principle and you get a call from your wife or your partner that your child is sick and in hospital. What do you do? Almost everyone in the class, made of mostly people with lots of prior service experience, thought that it would be appropriate to get things in order and then get someone to cover for you. They were all chastised by the instructor. The instructor said the employer should never even know that the butler’s child is sick. “Your problems are not your employers’ problems,” the class was told.

    • ianbone

      Funnily enough when I was dangerously ill as a child two of the regular house guests sent cards to my parents – butler and housemaid. the two guests?
      Gregory peck and Clark Gable.

  5. JJ

    I know russell brand is not everyone’s pint of beer but if he went to the media and said instead of not voting – vote Class War, it might get people looking up Class War. Maybe worth contacting him if you can stomach it?

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