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  1. ramon mercader's favourite axe

    What does Sir Owen have to say about his mate rubber-faced posh cunt, Ed Miliband – you know the twat who doesn’t know how much food costs in supermarkets, who wants to remove welfare benefits from 18-21 year olds? My view is that Ed should be strung up and beaten with sticks until he admits to being a useless, rubber-faced posh cunt that deserves to spend the rest of his life licking out the bowls of toilet seats in public lavatories. Just like any other cunt that advocates stealing food from poor people. Of course I don’t personally advocate people finding out where he lives and taking the law into their own hands. That would be illegal.

  2. Dora Kaplan

    Let’s hope he gets kicked off the Guardian and finds his benefits sanctioned by Miliband.

  3. Maria Spiridonova

    Thats if they were still in the swp i guess- I know rees left-didn’t he? What about german? Another one on the payroll of the guardian.

    • rajah

      Rees and German left at the same time and founded “Counterfire” as it IS their “role” to BE LEADERS
      without trying to open a can of worms, i suspect they knew about the problems with the SWP central cttee, and just got out to save themselves

  4. just because you feel you’ve been sidelined from the argument doesn’t mean you’re not ultimately fighting for the same thing. personal attacks like this are pretty fucking stupid, ian. it is ultimately defeatist in nature and you’re fostering infighting within a resistance movement that should use all its strengths to combat the power structure under which we live. rather disappointed in you. thought you had more of a grasp of nuance than this.

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