Once again the REES/GERMAN axis of evil comes up with a new way to con people that voting LABOUR is somehow radical and an expression of People Power. These are the undynamic duo who ran the SWP for years slagging off lABOUR for 4 years then advising people to vote labour on election day. The theory behind this is that people will need to see how bad another labour government is before the long cherished REVOLUTIONARY PARTY can emerge from the ashes.
For their own reasons they have roped in LEN MCCLUSKEY who wants a Labour vote and Owen Jones who wants a Labour vote so he can be prime minister soonish. This will of course be dressed up in usual mccluskey rhetoric of asummer/autumn/winter/spring of discontent and a plea to Ed to break free and bring in socialist policies. These people believe that ED IS REALLY ONE OF US. So inside all the radical bluster will be the solution vote labour. No thanks. another con job. if Class WAR is the only dissenting voice so be it.



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  1. Reblogged this on SMILING CARCASS'S TWO-PENNETH and commented:
    Not the only dissenting voice- I have been against Labour since Blairism after a lifetime of support.

  2. Organic ap Grinder

    “Only by electing a Labour government on a Socialist platform will we expose front bench Labour fakery and release the revolutionary fire burning deep within the wider party and the PLP!”

    Repeat slogan for forty/fifty years. Close door quietly. Do not pass Go.

  3. Maria Spiridonova

    If they do actually believe that ed is one of us- though that depends what you mean, never the less reminds me of the history I was reading about russian peasants appealing to the tsar- and I think we all know what happened there. They actually thought the tsar felt sorry for the poor and would do something about it if only he could!

    • zed

      Same in Germany. where ordinary people turned a blind eye to any nazi wrongdoings by kidding themselves that it couldn’t be true because if Hitler knew about it he would stop it.

  4. Maria Spiridonova

    The difference ofcourse is that the russian peasantry learnt from their mistake and I’m not sure the likes of rees and german are capable of that.

  5. Dora Kaplan

    XXX show opens tomorrow: Rees, Owen and Lindsay star in ‘Please cuckold me Miliband.’ Humiliation, pain and punishment guaranteed. Adults only.
    Tickets from Ed Mcluskey and Ken Livingstone.
    All star cast.

  6. Landless Peasant

    Labour introduced Benefit Sanctions, held me and thousands of others prisoner in their New Deal flea-pits and subjected us to mental torture time & time again for no good reason, and are now promising to impose brutal regulations on young peoples’ State Benefits. Labour can get fucked. Class Traitors, not Socialists.

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