Only in the uk could a leftist group invite to speak as the star turn at an anti-austerity rally someone who is in the Top 1% of the rich in the country and who’s partner Jemima Khan Goldsmith is super-rich. Contrast with the way DPAC was treated by the Peoples Assembly organisers when they asked for a ramp to enable members to access the stage to speak:
‘just spoke to a mate on DPAC nat exec who tells me DPAC aren’t participating (but many of them will turn up, angry) tomorrow as the people’s assembly front would not pay for a ramp to get a disabled speaker on stage… cos it’s ‘their problem’ and DPAC should fundraise themselves for it. As my mate said “I’ve seen their fucking accounts’



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  1. jqmark

    also Jemima Khan voted Liberal democrat in the general election and was unashamed of saying this public, also campaigned for her brother Zac a tory and did this publicly.

  2. This doesn’t read that well, who said “I’ve seen their fucking accounts” and who’s accounts are they referring to DPAC’s or People’s Assemblies?

  3. markburnhope

    Typical status quo defender, criticising grammar.

  4. Wasn’t meaning to criticise grammar, I just wanted to know what it actually meant. I do know that People’s Assembly is very short on resources though, and mainly runs off volunteers (I think a couple of people were on small salaries in the London office last time I checked). Not defending any decision that led to inaccessibility issues at the demo obviously, and I’m not in position to know what actually happened there. For example though I was involved in setting up a local PA group in Pembrokeshire and we have become dormant because of the lack of resources and the fact that were all trying to survive and put food on the table for our families so cant keep a group together with no resources, not even for printing publicity material etc…

  5. Romany Blythe

    Really Ian – I can’t believe they would do that. Someone somewhere has fucked up but the PA as a whole is a bit more bloody enlightened than to ignore a need for access.
    Everyone is bitching about yesterday and I had words with one of the organizers about the Brand issue, that won’t be happening again! But they are set on this getting a celebrity to swell the crowed numbers. I think it is poor judgement. But the fact remains that yesterday was a roaring success, 50,000 people we need to9 be conscious of what that means politically.
    Left Unity are bitching because they say they were refused a podium position, that’s an outrage. I’m going to get to the bottom of this. What kind of left wing organization refuses to support access requirements and seriously no wheelchair bound speakers? That’s missing the point isn’t it.

    • Poet In The Pub

      Apparently it’s far from the first time, DPAC Facebook page is full of people mentioning other ‘oversights’. I thought this was everyday health & safety rules anyway?

    • ldev

      EXPLAIN how it was a success if they go out and vote for the Labour Party-because who else apart from the greens was being touted by this event as ones to vote for at the next election?

    • ‘LU’ could have had a bloody stall,

      • LU can’t even deal with their internel issues in a professional manner. I know this cos I was breifly a member of “LU” So “LU” need to quit whingering

    • This is not the first time disabled people have been denied access, meetings have been booked at buildings with not concern for accessibility from the start; ask Owen Jones, he’s heard enough complaints about it.

      In the meantime, could you please say ‘wheelchair using’, not ‘bound’, it’s offensive and a common complaint from people who use wheelchairs.

      I swear, this whole thing reeks.

  6. And this is just the sort of thing that dismays me about alternative movements. It’s this crap that makes me not want to get more involved….. It’s no wonder the political elite get away with murder. They are laughing at us.

  7. Rog

    Also no BSL interpreters for the deaf – there was no excuse for it, just a lousy apology given out by staff at the stage in Parliament Sq.

  8. b

    Only in the uk could a leftist group invite to speak as the star turn at an anti-austerity rally someone who is in the Top 1% of the rich in the country”

    I reckon Naomi Klein is in the richest top 1% and Mark Vestey-Brown certainly is.

  9. dannymay

    The fuck off back to Oxford one is gonna write a column on it:
    “I don’t know anything about this – Ian Bone not a reliable source but I’ll ask the PA crew about it” (source: his twatter account)

  10. Jed Bland

    What’s wrong with someone with money supporting left inclined people’s movements. Its not about having money- its about being wiling to help their fellow citizens who have not had the luck or the talent. rather than exploiting them..Particularly if they are able and willing to give financial support. How else can a political campaign be mounted?

    • b

      People are welcome to come across from the enemy – OK, there are some exceptions – but follow standard military practice and split ’em up and send ’em to the front lines. As for how else can a campaign be mounted other than having rich people contributing loads of money, are you taking the piss or what?

  11. Ben

    This is absolutely untrue. Shaun McGovern of the TUC Exec spoke, at the start onstage and Francesca Martinez spoke at the end; they are both disabled. There was a shorter route for those who wished to use it and a disabled contingent that met at that start point led the march for the last stretch into Parliament Square.

  12. Don

    I’m in my work’s lottery pool, if we won and I got some money does that mean I can no longer take part in working class actions? Russel Brand’s solutions might be typically hippy but he is good at getting the point across about those in power. Having mixed with them he speaks like he has seen the venality first hand. He is also funny and livens dull speaches up – I thought he’d be right up your street

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