Here’s the pleasing vista that Richard Benyon gazes on every day. He boasts that one of his ancestors ‘provided a soup kitchen’ for the local serfs’ and himself and lady Benyon hold an annual ceremony where they hand out bread to the local poor.‘Gawd bless you mr benyon sir I don’t know what we’d do without you’


to book your party for a tour of Richard’s home at ENGLEFIELD HOUSE contact: For house & gardens enquiries please contact Gloria Sleep


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One response to “THE ENGLEFIELD IDYLL……….

  1. Richard

    According to the Newbury local rag he is now ”seeking legal advice” over the Daily Mirror article, saying it is a ”highly political piece”.

    Yeah…and..? Youre supposed to be an MP, representing democarcy. meaning ….power devolved from the people, the” people rule”. Isnt that ”highly political” ?. What a jumped up greedy piece of shit. Just admit it Benyon, youre a greedy horrible person who thinks nothing of shitting on other people, because enough is never enough, and I bet you sleep like a fucking baby as well. Selfish prick with a massive sense of entitlement. Tosser.

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