He met Che Guevara in Columbia in 1953…………..

In a strange aside, we hear how the “rambling tramps”, as Guevara and Granado styled themselves, had a chance meeting with the Real Madrid soccer player Alfredo Di Stefano, and asked him for tickets to a match (which he gave them). In later years, Di Stefano could still remember the incident, but he was astounded to discover that one of those scruffy Argentinian boys turned into a revolutionary leader

Who can forget that European cup final at Hampden Park in 1960 – one of the few games televised live in them days….magic………GENTO – PUSKAS – DI STEFANO bettering the VAVA-DIDI -PELE of Brazil in SWEDEN in 1958.


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One response to “in praise of ALFREDO DI STEFANO

  1. ldev

    why did he join a fascist club then,,REAL MADRID.. after rejecting BARCA

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