When Thatcher died I partied gleefully in Trafalgar Square but most of the country didn’t share my sentiments and Thatcher would today be high up in most lists of the best prime ministers of the last century. She was buried with her much wanted ‘legacy’ intact. She was dead but she was not downfallen. Now however her downfall may be at hand.
She may well be seen in history as the Prime Minister who presided over not so much a cabinet as a criminal conspiracy. Today Operation YEWTREE would be knocking on the door of the Ritz and carting her off to a jail sentence.

Thatcher was wilfully blind to what was obvious around her and therefore let it continue. She stuck her head in the sand. Soon they’ll be removing her portrait from Tory clubs countrywide and pulping the hagiographies. She may have to be disinterred and moved to a landfill site. Any volunteers.


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  1. I think its also worth noting the role of MI5 during the years of the Thatcher Government,it seems that they had no notion as acting on behalf of the “Realm” or the “State”.It seems theiir role was purely to protect the image of the Government and its Ministers.What is also becoming clearer from the latest revelations from the Mirror is that MI5 were present whenever the Government took any important decision.

  2. Northern A

    Owen Jones says stop picking on me coz I’m posh then later goes on to say that it’s important that socialism is rooted in working class experience.

    Fuck off back to Oxford. We don’t need no toff spokesman, we can speak for ourselves!

    • Owen Jones makes a valid point. I’m the first to knock down ‘genuine’ champagne socialists but it doesn’t have to be that they are all purely of the chattering class variety – think Tony Benn, Glenda Jackson.

  3. Thatcher should be treated like saville ie dug up and dumped after all her parliament were a bunch of child abusers and should be recognized as such.

  4. Richard

    It is so apparent why Saville got away with it now. Right from the offset he said he would bring the house of cards down if he was prosecuted.

    More revelations….

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    This one’s for discussion. Would anyone care to take an alternative view?

  6. Eijnar

    Those people who claim that Thatcher was a disaster for Britain should explain how the alternative of a Labour Government led by Neil Kinnock would have actually been less of a catastrophe! And before anyone starts ranting about the Miners Strike they should take note of the fact that her treatment of the miners had enormous public support as evidenced by her never losing an election nor having a small majority.And I speak as a former Labour Party member, activist and trade union official!
    The Labour Party of the 1980’s was truly pathetic and the trade union movement no better.The fact that the leadership of the NUM refused to hold a ballot that they would easily have won,and thus unified the union,instead of refusing and splitting the NUM for the first time in its long history is proof of how thick Scargill really was.Another of his bright ideas was to begin the strike at the start of Spring thus leaving his men without pay for well over half a year before the advent of Autumn,never mind Winter.
    The only explanation for this abysmal level of leadership right across the entire Labour Party and Trade Union movement that makes any sense to me is that they were chosen BECAUSE they were incompetent and could be relied upon to deliver Britain into the hands of the political Right.

    • Elsie

      Yeah whatever. Labour/Tory Jackafuckinory.

      Point is Thatcher is an accesory in paedophilia

    • Paul

      “Those people who claim that Thatcher was a disaster for Britain should explain how the alternative of a Labour Government led by Neil Kinnock would have actually been less of a catastrophe!”

      Er, why?

      Because everyone who was anti-Thatcher must certainly therefore have been pro-Labour? They must all also be all in favour of this pathetic two-party system that we call a ‘democracy’?

      I don’t see why I should have to defend the Labour Party of the eighties just because it’s clear to me that Thatcher was a total bloody nightmare. Grow up, and stop talking such bollocks.

      • phillevans

        Well said.

      • Catherine Cooper

        I agree Paul. Thatcher was the worse prime minister this country has ever had and I hope the truth, about the establishment and paedophilia, exposes another of her crimes against the ordinary people of this country.

    • Anthony Harrison

      Documents were found later that proved her government was lying about how many mines they wanted to close, so the strikers were right! Put that together with the recent child abuse cover up allegations and im pretty sure people are going to see Maggie and her Government for what it REALLY was.

    • Anonymous

      Really Ejnor?I grew up in the days of the “born to rule” Tory Party Conferences of the 1960’s.From what we now knowThatcher and her Ministers saw themselves as the new elite.We had members of the establishment including Cabinet ministers who abused working class kids at children’s homes like Bryn Estyn near where I live in North Wales.They thought such kids should be subservient to them.As Dennis Skinner said at the Durham Miners Gala last Saturday they literally thought such kids were literally shit.It is only now emerging that such establishment figures were indeed lower than vermin.

  7. Abdul Aziz

    Jimmy Saville, knew what the Tory child molesters were up to, “give me a knighthood and immunity from prosecution or I will bring your government down Maggie” .

  8. phillevans

    The woman did more damage to the social infrastructure of this country than the luftwaffe and now her iron woman image seems to be rusting. It might make for a few more revisionist histories of the eighties but I doubt it will affect the views of those who swallow the bile of the Daily Mail and its ilk with their morning swill, it seems they would vote for a blue balloon on a stick if they were told it had been to Eton.

  9. The comment listed as Anonymous in response to Ejnor was written by me!

  10. Uncle Erebus

    Her soul is already residing in a pit-shaft beneath the sewers of hell, seems like she will have to go somewhere deeper now the billious wretch was complicit in the abuse of so many children by the scum whom she idolised in the tory party.

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