‘In a recent anti-austerity protest organised by the People’s Assembly, Bone’s Class War crew decided not to target, say, George Osborne or Iain Duncan-Smith, but mocked up an admittedly amusing banner featuring a still of me from a BBC programme clutching a bottle of champagne, adorned with the emphatic words: “Fuck off back to Oxford.” Bone is a disciple of Mikhail Bakunin, a 19th-century Russian anarchist whose aristocratic family owned 500 serfs, and of the even more aristocratic Russian Peter Kropotkin.’

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armed police



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  1. ldev

    do they mention you and the other disciples in The Babble, IAN? hahahaahahaahha. not read it since I rejected that control mechanism bullshit at 11 years old. You seen any water to wine tricks?

  2. I loved reading Class War at 15, then I grew up.

  3. Andy V

    He must need his eyes testing. That’s Lucy Parsons on the banner in front of his one not Michael Bakunin the two are not that easily confused. I also like how he’s selective and doesn’t mention Duritti or Mahkno etc. I hope you had a nice long chat about your love of Kropotkin with Owen Ian but it’s certainly not a conversation I have ever had with you. Finally isn’t disciple such a strange word to use

  4. Tristan

    Of course, Bakunin and Kropotkin rejected their privilege (although they undoubtedly still benefitted from it) and fought to abolish it.
    Unlike Owen Jones and his ilk, they refused to rule over others, Kropotkin rejecting his title at an early age, and refusing a ministerial position when it was offered.

    What Owen Jones doesn’t want to accept is that we’ve had enough of a ‘socialist’ elite trying to tell us they know best and should be allowed to rule over us for our own good. They are on the wrong side of the class war – at best useful idiots for the enemy, at worst willing accomplaces.

    (also, I’m not sure Ian is a disciple of anyone – like any anarchist he is independently minded).

  5. Reblogged this on Jason E Cooper and commented:
    He seems to miss the irony that the only reason he is in the position he is in, is because he went to Oxford, equality doesn’t come into it. How many local schools do you know who run trips to Norway – most of us can’t even afford to go there. Those who died in the hatch and families complained that the US coastguard wasn’t doing enough for them even though they had done more than they usually would because they were UK citizens.

    It isn’t class envy, its just a matter of fact that the majority of the population, (those who keep the wheels turning), never get opportunities to do lots of things simply due to money or status. If you go to the right schools, have enough money the world is your oyster. Why should we mourn if something terrible happens, when experiencing something most can only dream off.

    Owen Jones is making a career for himself by simply stating common sense facts but he obviously can’t get over the fact he can never be what he claims to stand up for. No he can’t deny his background but he doesn’t have to be so bloody worthy, and have to accept that the working class don’t have to like him just because he claims to have their interests at heart.

    Fuck Off back to Oxford.


    ‘admittedly amusing’- there’s an odd turn of phrase…’admittedly’ because he’s knows he’s exactly the same CLASS enemy as the Tories and the rest of the political class that went to Oxford and who have benefited from a comfortable and privileged education, guaranteeing themselves lifelong, lucrative, sinecures in government, business, finance, the military, the civil service, the media, arts and the press. Their politics are ultimately irrelevent, their class everything, with the exception of the Trojan Horse of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition and the trail of lies, betrayals and attacks on the class they claim to ‘represent’.

    ‘Fuck off back to Oxford’ indeed Owen, you utter, utter, cunt.

  7. Harry

    No one can choose their social economic background and a privileged background doesn’t necessarily preclude anyone from making a contribution to socialist/radical politics. William Morris’ family took their wealth from the terrible exploitation of Cornish tin miners and he went to Marlborough College (hated every moment). It didn’t stop him from shunning Hyndman with his top hat and from supporting the unemployed movement that was beaten in the Battle for Trafalgar Sq.
    But Owen Jones would be mistaken if he thought that he can speak on behalf of working people because they can and should speak for themselves. There was a time when many of the Labour MPs came from working class backgrounds- think Eric Heffer as well as those from mining areas such as Dennis Skinner. This is largely over and what we have are people from wealthier backgrounds trying to carve a career and a niche for themselves as the workers’ champion.

  8. reasonablenutcase

    You got right under his skin, you should demand a right of reply in the Grauniad.

  9. Anonymous

    In what was is the banner “mocked up”, exactly? It looks pretty real to me.

  10. owain

    if it is wrong to discriminate against people on the basis of race, sex, or sexual preference, than it is wrong to discriminate against people on the basis of class. It is a form of class prejudice, just making you as bad as the upper class who look down on you. just as it is wrong for a black person to have the same racist behaviour toward the racists who attack them, so likewise it is wrong for the working class to have classist attitudes towards wealthier people or those who have studied at Eton and Oxbridge. so, you shouldn’t pick on the oxbridge leaders of the british left, they are fighting the struggle of the working class. and you better believe it. The ruling class have had no greater enemy than with the radical left, led by the grandson of Lord Acton, Oxbridge callinicos himself, and that other well known leftist leader, oxbridge ali, and now we have oxbridge jones. by attacking these leaders you are attacking the left itself and thereby in a roundabout way helping the ruling class.

    you were also wrong to gloat over the collapse the counterfire’s firebox, that was the best chance for a new left to emerge, pity some trots can’t even run a bloody cafe.

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