So the cruellest man in the government remains in office. I’ve been talking to DPAC people and Johnny Void and others around ‘ what can we do about IDS?’ Well………

The IDES OF MARCH begin on 15th March and mainly remembered for the assassination of Caesar. So how about turning that round and having a week of action against THE MARCH OF IDS all round the country?



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5 responses to “BEWARE THE MARCH OF IDS

  1. What has that turd IDS have on Camoron? Hopefully we might find out next May when the Tories’ shit-heap gets turned over.

  2. Landless Peasant

    How the fuck has that incompetent twat STILL got his job???????

  3. Bernadette H

    He is still in his job because nobody else will take on the shit he has created. He and his ‘Christian’ Crusade is chaotic, insane, and has no rhyme or reason. We could easily bring him down, but where to start????

  4. Anonymous

    It appeases the Tory right…..brutalising the most vulnerable.

  5. He’s doing Cameron’s dirty work. He’s a Goebbels, Himmler, Heydrich. Cameron’s hoping for some plausible deniability when he’s called to account.

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