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  1. ldev

    WRIGHT you speciesist twat. release them fish out of that bowl and put them in a lake where they belong. NOTHING WORSE THAN BACKWARD BIGOTS STILL FOCUSING ON OPPRESSION OF HUMANS WHO DONT GIVE A SHITE ABOUT ANIMALS.

  2. Col Sanders

    Its not his flat, they are not his fish. You are still a dick though.

  3. ramon mercader's favourite axe

    Speciesism is a serious issue. This has nothing to do with the ludicrous debate about whether human beings should eat other living things or not. But it is to do with the massive destruction of entire species of living things on a daily basis as a result of our socio-economic system.

  4. Harry

    Having seen off Butler-Sloss, Wright now turns his attention on Owen Jones. But what’s wrong with him having gone to Oxford? Surely we want more working class youngsters going there and not just the pupils from private schools. It would help OJ’s credibility if he agreed to have his long term pay set at the average wage giving the extra to strike funds and campaigns etc I doubt if he will do this or answer Wright’s question about the monarchy. I guess this is why Wright might despise him. Everything for the likes of OJ is said and done within safe limits. It’s like when Tony Benn came out as a republican and then wrote to the queen saying it was nothing personal!

  5. ALF

    Ive just rang the rspca. Wright, you are israel and them fish are the gaza strip

  6. dannymay

    I didn’t notice any fish when I played this yesterday (is that speciesist too?)

    I think Martin should address this pressing issue in his next video.

    Release the goldfish!

    • Harry

      There’s definitely something fishy going on if people are more preoccupied with the bloomin gold fish.
      Martin Wright’s opinionated rants have certainly got me thinking. I’m a life long republican but never thought about it as a crucial issue. You know most people like the royals and your elderly relatives love the queen etc.
      But actually getting rid of the royalty is really crucial for anyone who wants a more just of egalitarian society. Perhaps it the test of a true radical. So Wright’s question to Owen Jones is really spot on. Hope class war make this one of the main points of their election campaign because we’ve got to get people thinking about this. Cheer Martin and also Ian Bone for making a platform for these videos.

  7. mark

    “But what’s wrong with him having gone to Oxford? Surely we want more working class youngsters going there and not just the pupils from private schools” –
    In a word No- Like the Evading Standards bullshit ‘Dispossessed’ campaign to offer a few the chance to collaborate with the oppressors for propaganda purposes.

    PS I think the answers yes.

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